Thursday, October 11

Bionic Beasties

Just before we unleash the next set of L.E.S.S. re-edits onto your ass I thought I'd take a quick step back in time to the year 2003 (whoa!, Do you remember it?). To be honest I don't have that many great memories apart from dancing to chicago-y house and techno at Glasgow's world famous Sub Club just about every week, and picking up a strange blue-label edits 12" which had a crazy 6/8 beat remix of Led Zeppelin on the A-side, and an electronic midtempo Beastie Boys rework on the flip. And as it randomly fell off my shelves the other day out of nowhere I thought I'd share it, as it still sounds pretty good. Et Voila.

Bionikworld & Nick Coleman - Rooting Around

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