Thursday, July 3

Fun In The Sun

We played a short but sweet set for our Subcity Radio homies a couple of weeks back on their outdoor stage as part of Glasgow's West End Festival. Little did we know however as we were (roughly) mixing records (Mp3's) that it was all being recorded for posterity! 45 minutes of new and old stuff straight outta the OOFT/Five20East/LESS camp...

OOFT Live at West End Festival June 15th 2008

1. Marvin Gaye - Heavy Love Affair (The Revenge Edit) (L.E.S.S. Productions)
2. The Revenge - Gimme The Night (CDR)
3. The The - Giant (Pilooski Edit) (CDR)
4. Positive Force - We Got the Funk (?)
5. Kool & The Gang - ? (The Revenge Edit) (CDR)
6. Hot Chocolate - My Cadillac (The Revenge Edit) (L.E.S.S. Productions/Jisco)
7. Popular Peoples Front - Get Down Shep (Popular Peoples Front)
8. The Revenge - All Weekend (L.E.S.S. Productions)
9. The Revenge - Reaction Time (Five20East)
10. Bobby Womack - Inherit The Wind (The Revenge Edit) (L.E.S.S. Productions)
11. Midnight Starr - Midas Touch (?)
12. TJ Kong & Nuno Santos - Dropout (Compost Black)
13. Peter Digital Orchestra - Juicy Lady (Believe)


gareth said...

lovin this mix guys. ps 'we got the funk' is positive force..

Aliooft said...

Cheers Gareth, they are some of the tracks the Revenge played...Also the next one I've named as a fat camp edit but it's actually the Revenge edit of Kool & The Gang!


Anonymous said...

quality guys!

on heads on the latest l.e.s.s. cd?


Aliooft said...

The next L.E.S.S. CDs are at the pressing plant at present, should be ready to drop in the middle of next week. There'll be a blog post to let everyone know ;)


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Hot Chocolate rmx is brilliant Respect from Amsterdam

The Revenge said...

Thanks mate ;)