Monday, December 28

RJA12 : Simon Busby

Next up in the series is London-based disc(o) jockey Simon Busby, who turns in a dope mix of pitch-down bangers for your listening pleasure.

Originally crafting instrumental hip-hop mixtapes before discovering the Electric Chair whilst living in Manchester, Simon hit London in 2005 with his much loved Short Circuit night, before creating his new Glitterball events which fill interesting spaces in the big smoke with and friendly crowd and a cool mixture of disco and house. Sounds right up our street! The mix itself has plenty of high points including Mark 7, Pete Herbert, Mark E and more, so tuck in.

Sorry - no tracklist

RJA12 : Simon Busby


Anonymous said...

So sick.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a traclkist?

The Revenge said...

1. Deep Seoul – Mark Seven (Twelve Inches of Delight)
2. You – Mark E (Merc)
3. Wally Dub – Pete Herbert (Redux)
4. Wicked Funk (Hypno Beat Version) – Kwanzaa Posse feat. Fela Kuti (Undiscovered)
5. We Love Mondays – Tribute01 (Tribute)
6. Compulsion (Andrew Weatherall Remix) – Doves (Heavenly)
7. Patrol – Max Essa (Feel)
8. Formed – Mark E (Under The Shade)
9. Groove Me – Fern Kinney (T.K. Disco)
10. Jobsagoodun – Casino Boy (Jisco Music)
11. I’d Like To (Motion XL Re-Edit) – Feel (Unreleased Soundcloud Edit)
12. I’m In Love – Evelyn King (RCA)

Anonymous said...

Thank you m8!

theacidhouse said...

very very slick ....great vibe....also forgot how good Kwanzaa - Wicked Funk sounds.....gutted I sold my copy a few years ago

Anonymous said...

thx gill so much