Thursday, May 27

Disco-tition Time!

To coincide with their first non-vinyl release, those lovely chaps over at Disco Deviance have given us three copies of their stonkingly good new compilation CD to give away. It's a mixture of tracks from their first five 12" outings plus a couple of new exclusives thrown in too, all digi-mastered for maximum fidelity.

So to get your mitts on one we'd like to hear some anecdotes of disco deviance that you've either partaken in, witnessed, or simply heard through the grapevine. Nothing too graphic (i.e. fisting tales from the Berghain) just stuff that'll give the rest of us a good ol' chuckle :) Post your tales in the comments section within the next 7 days and we'll pick the winners next Thursday (3rd of June).

The top 3 tales will each win a copy of the CD and we'll contact you to get your postal addresses. Anyone who doesn't have a blogger account stick your email address up will ye!

PS if you can't wait that long for the CD go pick up at any of the usual haunts:


MKM said...

I'll keep this fairly G-rated...

It was about 8 years ago when I was still DJing in TX before I moved to NYC. I was playing an after-hours party from 4am to 6am, a lot of substances were involved. My girlfriend at the time was feeling frisky and decided to join me in the booth and proceeded to give me a "massage" if you will. Needless to say I screwed up a few segues because I was thoroughly distracted.

Tales of deviance from the DJ booth.

alex said...

before reading - please bear in mind im not in the music business - nor do i dj outside of my own home!

Me and my mate felt the need for a road trip - so we jump in the car and drove from lancashire to paris as cerrone was playing a special gig in versailes billed as the worlds largest disco dancefloor. when we got there it was rehearsals on the stage which was in the middle of a busy french street (outdoor gig - the road was the dancefloor!) and we got chatting about music with the legend of disco marc cerrone during the set up - he must of thought we were somebody else & proceeded to give us our backstage passes and invited us for a glass of champers. we played along - see if we could get away with this mistaken identity! well chuffed with the mix up we made our excuses & said we'll see them tomorrow for the gig.

the next day a few hours before the gig we trundle over - flashed our passes like kids with sweets to the security man and went back stage - before long cerrone says hi and starts introducing us to his band and throws us into his dancers dressing rooms to say hi - o my word - a room filed to the brim with the finest french lady dancers that any one could imagine.

a fantastic gig followed along with many beers - possibly the most bizarre & fun few days of my life.

only downer was getting stopped twice on the way home by the same french traffic cop for speeding & getting a rather large fine due to our pigeon french abilities!

al said...

Embarrassing tales of booze fuelled DJ worshipping....

As an eager 17 year full of mixmag cliches and human traffic quotes, I bumped into my hero of the moment Lee Coombs on my way to the urinals - I uttered 'fuck me, Lee Coombs is having a piss' right in front of him before I could stop myself from speaking..... Utter shamefullness!

A few years later Metro Area were playing in Leeds and I had convinced myself that my DJ worshipping days had long since gone... A few red stripes later and as Metro Area dropped some disco bombs I walked over 'lads, I don't ever tell DJ's how much I love their music but I fucking bum what you lads do'.... Not sure how well down that went!

Hardly disco deviance, more like pissed up geekiness... I'd still love a CD though ;-)

Bob said...

At every party there's a DJ that plays the late (or early morning) hours. Here in my Belgian hometown there's a few DJ's really renowned for that. One of them used to be me. I started dj'ing at 6 in the morning, playing untill noon sometimes.

One night I was playing after a big dj who just scored a major hit and the club was packed so tight people had to go out to take a breath of fresh air. Needless to say the crowd was wild and completely wasted. I could have put on a metal record, they would have danced to it.

Myself I was in some higher state of conciousness due to excessive alcohol abuse and medicinal herbs. I felt like floating above the decks. As I started spinning records people got even more crazy, dancing and shouting. And then I noticed him, the midget from hell! On the dancefloor was a midget guy flipping out on the music. He was waving his arm like his was drowning and jumping up and down like a kangaroo. I don't know if it had anything to do with my own state of mind or his state but his face and the way he looked was all psycho and evil. And he stared at me all the time like he wanted to kill me.
So I tried to ignore the satanic smurf and carried on, but each time I looked into the crowd his eyes would be staring right at me while he was jumping to the beat. It really started freaking me out until I couldn't focus on anything else any more.

Next to me was the clubs resident dj, already fully wasted by the white powder & alcohol. I turned around and asked him if he knew the midget. He replied to me 'what midget?' When I looked back into the crowd to point him out he was gone! I told him this midget was freaking me out for over half an hour and couldn't understand he hadn't seen him.

All the sudden the midgets head pops up in front of the booth, he jumps on the ledge and starts frantically shaking and shouting at me. YOUR GREAT, YOUR GREAT, FUCKIN GREAT.
While seeing this the resident DJ has to laugh so hard he loses his fake denture with two front teeth, that he once lost in a nasty bar-fight. (Something that I didn't know off course before that night) His denture fall down on the dancefloor between the people. He immediately jumps down, tries to find it, grabs it from the floor and pops it back in. Bad idea!
As he climbs back in the DJ booth he finally notices the strange flavour in his mouth. You can imagine that after night like that, the floor wasn't exactly a crisp white dinner table anymore. So he spits out his teeth in my beer glass, cleans of the dirt, then cleans it again with wodka from a bottle standing behind the booth and finally puts it back in while taking a massive sip from the bottle.

By that time I was rolling on the floor laughing so hard that I had to ask him (very embarrassed) to take over from me. I had to go out and cool down for a while. As I was sitting outside the midget walks up to me asking why I had to stop. He turned out to be a really friendly guy. He even bought me a few drink as I played on until the end of the night.

Now was it my intoxication, my imagination or just the vibe inside the club, but that was surely a disco deviance night never to forget.

Dicky Trisco said...

Well done Bob. That was a cracker!

Paul said...

This could actually be the combination of several nights blended into one but I'm almost certain that it all happened on one eventful evening.
I was working in Hamburg for a year which happened to fall over my 21st birthday so it was always going to be a good year. One night when me and another mate were expecting to have a relatively civil one and were going to see Belle and Sebastian. However there was a club held in the venue after the gig so they started and finished pretty early. As we were leaving we bumped into a gang of Scottish lads and as my mate was from Glasgow, we ended up joining them. The drinking started immediatley and most of the rest of the night only comes back to me in flashbacks of running the guantlet of the red light district in both directions over an argument over where a club was, wandering round a brothel, eventually ending up a club at dawn, loving every tune the dj was playing (it was some mad 60s soul yet the guy was dressed like he was Brian Wilson), things wrapping up around midday and then finding grass stains on my jeans when I got home (no idea).
I guess this is either a bit timid in comparsion to others or just makes us look lightweight, but we had a great night.

Paul said...

Sorry, just realised I never left an address. I guess I didnt win but just incase its

Aliooft said...

Hi guys, sorry for the delay in announcing the winners. Mr Trisco has had some pressing business to attend to over the last few days and hasn't had time to decide the winning stories.

Hopefully we'll close out the comp at some point this week.

As a bonus for anyone who hasn't yet entered get your anecdotes in in the next couple of days!


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