Wednesday, October 6

RJA24 : Carina Ramos

More East Coast pressure is supplied by Edinburgh spinner Carina Ramos with a classy 80's boogie selection.

Gracing the East Coast with her presence over recent times, Carina Ramos can often be found playing the backroom at Edinburgh's long-running and prodigious "Ultragroove". She is a familiar face across the Capital and is regularly invited to play at other venues across the country. The mix itself features many faves including belters from Gwen McRae and Kenny Loggins plus a stone cold OOFT classic in BB&Q Band's Dreamer. Enjoy.

RJA24 : Carina Ramos


Lette Mbulu - Nomalizo
Premium Economy - Can't Wait
Richie Rome - Deep
Kenny Loggins - This Is It
B B & Q - Dreamer
Melba Moore - You Stepped Into My Life
Winans - Let My People Go
The Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (Mark E Pressure Dub)
GC Cameron - If I Love You
Unlimited Touch - Searching For The One
Gwen McRae - Doin' It
Steve Arrington - Feel So Real
Brainstorm - We're On Our Way Home


Anonymous said...

"Premium Economy - Can't Wait" is it the real name of the band? can't find some informations about this..hmm

Carina said...

It's a white label 12", re-edit of Freda Payne - Can't Wait. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Bronx Brooklyn & Queens bought in Play de Record on a wind chilled -4 December breeze on Yonge Street . Sweet