Wednesday, May 1

Time For Bandcamp

I've spent the last few days creating the OOFT! Bandcamp store and uploading the the entire Foto digital catalogue to it, along with some very limited remaining vinyl from a couple of the releases. In future I'll also be putting up some little edits and reworks for sale for limited periods.

See what you think : OOFT! / Foto Bandcamp Store


Jason Fist said...

Cool. Excellent idea.

Looking forward to seeing some edits on there!

เเม่งหล่อ ใต้หล้า said...

thx you





Funky Functions said...

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Jason Aldean Songs said...

Bandcamp is the best!

Chris said...

This is so awesome, I love it!

Kiron Best said...

Nice post.
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Anonymous said...

this made my day I got a iTunes Card Code and it wasn't invalid! You can get one too from

Martin said...

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