Wednesday, July 29

Skinny Mix

To launch Skinny Mag's new podcast series, they enlisted JD Twitch, David Barbarossa, Full Phat and myself to do a mix each ...


Anonymous said...

where can one get a tracklist of this mix? btw: huge thanks for the music

The Revenge said...

1. Ron Basejam - No Jose (Part 1) - CDR
2. Will Powers - Adventures In Success (Dub) - Island
3. 6th Borough Project - Do It To The Max - Instruments Of Rapture
4. Bob A Rela - Money (The Revenge Edit) - CDR
5. Alex Wilson - Ain't Nobody (The Revenge Edit) - CDR
6. Theo Parrish - The Rink - Sound Signature
7. Pete Herbert - Wally Dub - Redux
8. Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You (The Revenge Rework) - L.E.S.S.
9. Kenneth Bager - Fragment One (The Revenge Remix) - Music For Dreams
10. Body 2 Body - Let's Get Intimate (DJ Harri Edit) - CDR
11. Rainer Trueby & Danilo Pesslow - Ayers Rock - CDR
12. Capracara - King Of The Witches (Rub N' Tug Remix) - DFA
13. The Revenge - Forever In Their Debt (Pitched Down House Mix) - Home Taping Is Killing Music
14. Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation) - Domino
15. Carol Williams - Can't Get Away - Vanguard

Ognjen said...

so slow it hurts! Love it, tnx!

Anonymous said...

Another slice of delicious slo mo cake there.
Can I just ask if the spoken word sample at the beginning is actually part of the No Jose?
Also any danger of your edits appearing as releases soon? In particular the Bob A Rela track which is tasty as a chocolate covered rich tea?

Anonymous said...

thx a lot! edit of Bob A Rela sounds very nice

The Revenge said...

Yeah - Spoken word is part of No Jose. Bob-A-Rela could be a possibility I reckon ...

MKM said...

Another great mix!

matt said...

The rest of the mixes are at -they're all awesome!