Thursday, July 23


I was really pleased to be asked to contribute a remix for Z Records Sunburst Band Remixes compilation a while back. There's some jam-hot versions on the double CD from peeps like The Idjuts, Henrik, Yam Who, Elektrons, Milton Jackson, Recloose ... phew! I noticed the new 12" has just appeared in a couple of shops too which I think has the longer version of my mix on it.


MKM said...

It's also on iTunes. There is a lot of good stuff on that CD, there is about 5 tracks from it I've been playing lately, and of course your remix is at the top of the list.

Kev Hutch, Jimmy Johnson & Stu Ashton said...

Lovely stuff. Enjoyed the orig. on the Soul Togetherness cd but the remix beats it for me

The Revenge said...

Nice one - thanks ;)