Sunday, November 22

RJA09 : Hushpuppy

Resident DJ at the legendary R-P-Z Thursday night sessions at the Glasgow School of Art, Hushpuppy takes us on a cosmic odyssey of the highest order.

The mix gives an insight into the earlier hours of an R-P-Z Thursday, before guests such as Alex Metric & Autokratz (playing live at the end of this month) crank up the pressure and get the Art Schoolers brewing up to fever pitch. Selection-wise this mix is something of a departure from previous Ruffjamz episodes, so we hope you enjoy it as much as we did ;)

Sorry - no tracklist.


MKM said...

Wow. Haven't heard captain Starlight in a while. The album cover is truly awe-inspiring...

Great mix. Really eclectic.

Shadazzzzzz said...

This is keeping my fire burnin' on a cold November afternoon in Scotland. Ohh Yeah