Thursday, November 5


A little autumn mix I did for Steve O'Connor's Ministry Of Sound radio show recently ...


MKM said...

Listening now whilst working the morning away. It's a little bit more uptempo and I like it.
What's the track at about 45 minutes with the vocal "it's time to begin?" Really nice deep house.

Anonymous said...

MKM, it's Weekender - Spirit in Your Soul


MKM said...

Excellent! Thanks "vodkadisco." ;-)

The Revenge said...
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Anonymous said...

Big thanks 4 your great music and mood!! Always listening your music and mixes with joy!!

P.S. Also thanks to discover me "Weekender - Spirit in Your Soul"!! Awesome track!

ZaZzy (LV)

David Saker said...

Check out the Weekender album from about a decade ago "Kneel Before Zod" or something like that - I remember having the cd on repeat for ages.

Anonymous said...

Would love to get a tracklist on this one... anyone... please...

The Revenge said...

1. Trio Zero - Twilight [Capitol]
2. Steve Kotey & Max Essa - 1986 [Electric Minds]
3. Atmosfear - Dancing In Outer Space (The Revenge Mix 2) [Wolf Music]
4. John Daly - Do It [Wave Music]
5. Craig Smith & The Revenge - The Soul Part II (6th Borough Project Lost Dub) [Delusions Of Grandeur]
6. Al Hudson & The Soul Partners - Music (The Revenge Rework) [CDR]
7. Ilija Rudman - Night People (6th Borough Project Love Rub) [Instruments Of Rapture]
8. Neville Watson - Let Me Go [Permanent Vacation]
9. Space Ranger - Better Known Ass Listening [CDR]
10. Runaway - Caprice Drive [Mule Musiq]
11. The Revenge - Forever In Their Debt (Red Rack'em Forever In The Remix) [Home Taping Is Killing Music]
12. Hi Lo - MM's Place [Playhouse]
13. Je Dàvu - Caos En San Salvador [Bangbang!]
14. 6th Borough Project - Miss World (OOFT! Remix) [Delusions Of Grandeur]
15. Isolee - Les Andalouses [Mule Musiq]
16. Buari - Advice From Father [RCA]

David Saker said...

Thank in yaoow... was dying to get the name of the Buari track... was foolishly searching through all sorts of Fela Kuti the other day...