Saturday, March 31

Jay Dilla Y'all

Having come from a house background, I never realised just what a legend Jaydee was, and the more I've delved into his work you begin to see just how many great records he made during his short life. In keeping with our edit-y bias on the blog this version of "One Eleven" is stretched and filtered for us Deejay's, as the the title One Eleven was (cleverly, maybe) the length of the album version of this song.

J Dilla - One Eleven (Ali's Stretched Edit)

Thursday, March 29

Don't Call Me Shirley

1983 West End Records belter reworked. The original couldn't really be beat in my opinion but that's sometimes the best way to approach an edit / remix. Let nothing be sacred. Until the lawyers phone.

Shirley Lites - Heat You Up Melt You Down (The Revenge Rework)

C'mon Baby C'mon Sugar

Found this little nugget hiding in my itunes the other week, it's a basic re-edit I did way back a few years ago when i first started chopping up songs on Soundforge(!). Cassius sampled this less well known Donna Summer track for "1999". See if you can spot it!

Donna Summer - If It Hurts Just A Little (Ali's Chopped Edit)

Shack Attack

Banbarra released 'Shack Up' in 1975 and it's pretty much never went away. I think everybody knows the chorus to this. I've not beasted it too much, just a longer intro and outro for us disco jockeys.

Banbarra - Shack Up (The Revenge Edit)

Wednesday, March 28

One Of These Edits

Some tracks need to be handled with kid gloves and tend to get filed in the 'One Day I Will Edit This' folder. This is one of them. Taken from their 1975 album of the same name, this track seemed to capture the best of what The Eagles were about before they became billionaires. I kept it simple for this dub with a snip of a Malcolm McLaren beat which just seemed to fit. California sunsets and doobies all round!

The Eagles - One Of These Nights (The Revenge Rework)

Tuesday, March 27

Bumpin' In Ma Ride

Bobby McFerrin, Dre and Saul Williams provide the content for this Long Beach workout. I always dig this one out as it gets nearer to summer. Flickin' the switches in my Ford Cortina.

The Revenge - Lay It On Me (Big Dogs)

Modeselekting, chopping, pulling your trousers up

Thought I'd post up my re-edit of Modeselektor's "Silikon" track, remixed by Siriusmo. The Siriusmo version was a brilliant slice of broken dancehall-y electronica, except for the complete lack of thought for someone actually trying to play it when DJing. I don't know about you but we like to avoid that pit-of-the-stomach scary vibe you get when a tune is still blasting out and you notice there's about 10 seconds left to mix in another one... PS Check those troo's!!

Modeselektor - Silikon (Siriusmo Remix/Ali's Rework)

Monday, March 26


A favourite of mine from the vaults here. The stupidly good drummer of drummers, Billy Cobham laying down maybe one of his best know tracks (Massive Attack sampled it) and in the process showing that we could all get into psychadelic-jazz-funk. Just go easy on the LSD.

Billy Cobham - Stratus

Is This Love?

One from our stable to begin proceedings. Eighties soft-rock legends Survivor get a doing-over by The Revenge in a French-disco-club-banger. Grease up the wind-machine, peel the clingfilm off and waft this stilton over the dancefloor. Mmmmm

Survivor - Is This Love (The Revenge Rework)