Monday, September 29

You Can't Hide From Your...

I was doing some basic edits for my own use over the last week or so, but since we've not been posting too much of our proper works on here recently I thought I'd share this sympathetic DJ-friendly edit of a classic.

Teddy Pendergrass - You Can't Hide From Your Love (OOFT Edit)

Wednesday, September 24

Joe Clausell On The Rinse

Looks like it's video time tonight ... Here's a short and heavily distorted clip of Joe Clausell rinsing our 6th Borough Project's 'Planets' on Jisco. Seem's to be enjoying himself anyway :)

For The Love Of Vinyl

Not sure if any of you caught this short documentary on one man's struggle against the state of the vinyl industry by Sean Dunne. Well put together and food for thought in times of change.

The Chic Of It

Why do we tamper with stone cold classics? The eternal question and a one that's burned since the first remix no doubt. The first spark in these parts is always as a way to bring something extra to my own sets, and although it may seem obvious to edit the most obvious records, those can be the most interesting to tackle sometimes. So here's one that needs absolutely no introduction ...

p.s. - Thanks for all your posts relating to our People's Choice selection - keep em' coming. 

Monday, September 15

People's Choice

We're fast approaching the end of the year and we'd like you lot to give us some ideas as to what tracks you'd like us to re-post for our end of year selection. We'll be doing a 'top-ten' list of 192kbps downloads and you can suggest any of the tracks we've posted so far for inclusion. Just post your 3 favourite tracks (max) in the comments section and we'll use those suggestions along with our own to make the final list.

We'll post the final selection at the beginning of December for 14 days.

Tuesday, September 2

Chicago Connection

More pitched down house sounds for you hounds ...