Thursday, August 30


Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

This is insane. Goes all interactive at the end too, check it :)

Tuesday, August 28


Some tasty new MermaidS bits up on their Soundcloud, including this one:

Tuesday, August 21

From The Archives

I was just having a little flick through the itunes and found the recording of myself & Craig Smith's warm-up at the June instalment of Instruments of Rapture, before The Revenges debut BodyFusion set.

Wanna Wolf?

Wanna win a copy of the new Greymatter / Wolf Music 12" that's not even released yet? Head over to their facebook page and like the competition post - Robert is your fathers brother :)

Any Glasgow heads can catch the Wolf train as they take over the Berkeley Suite on Friday night too. Should be a good'un.

Wolf Music Facebook Page

Monday, August 20

Foto-007 Trax

Over the last few days I've been putting up the full-length track previews of the next Foto 12" up over on Soundcloud. 3 out of the 4 trax are already up, with Cole Medina's contribution to go up when the 12" hits the stores in the next couple of days.

Thursday, August 16

Heads Up

Here's a bit of a heads up to let you all know that we celebrate our first year of I.O.R. parties at Glasgow's Sub Club next month, Sunday 2nd September. We've had immense fun supplying the soundtrack for the whole night over the past 12 months so we hope all the locals can join us for the birthday party. 

There will be a guestlist competition on the blog in the week running up to the night :)

Wednesday, August 15


Top track alert. Been rolling this one out for the last few weeks - super dope :)

Saturday, August 11

Following On...

...from the previous Youtube link to this here's a quick edit for all you Deejays who like some Saturday morning soul :)

D/Ls for 14 days // No Repost

Thursday, August 9

Top Theo

My favourite Theo Parrish jam. Really need to have a look for it hiding in the record shelves somewhere :)

RA August

August's RA DJ Chart is up here:


Find of the day listening to Radio 2 during a long car trip yesterday.

Friday, August 3


Go grab a rather AWESOME freebie from Linkwood's Soundcloud page before it disappears. Proper House.

Thursday, August 2

New San Soda 12"

This is pretty slinky alright. WPH are consistently one of the best house labels out there. Respect.

TC Crew Rework

Wouldn't it be great if this got released?

Wednesday, August 1

Boss EP Alert

Straight pitch-down fire here. The Ethyl Mix especially. Go Buy.

Crazy P

Crazy P giving a new OOFT! remix of Saalim on Bored Audio Recordings a spin at 38 mins on the Mixmag DJ Lab show. Nice.