Wednesday, August 29

More or L.E.S.S.

Roll up roll up! Get the second volume of our "Forever In Their Debt" series here! There should be a few copies left in Piccadilly Records too. This time around we've fiddled about with classics from Primal Scream, Hot Chocolate, Bob Seger and more all in the aid of the Disc-Jockeying cause. Get some 128 kbps flava in your ear with the links below, or go buy yourself one of the limited edition numbered CD copies (only 100 pressed) for some higher quality audio fun.

Primal Scream - Screamadelica (OOFT Music Edit)

Wganda Kenya - Tifit Hayed (Cronk Family Enterprises Mix)

Hot Chocolate - Cadillac (The Revenge Rework)

Bob Seger - Night Moves (The Hong Kong Micros TR808 Mix)

Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle (DJ 2Three Mix)

Thursday, August 23

Minimal Ghetto?

Having a look over the site recently I realised that everything on here is heading towards the disco tip. Well we like to think of oursevles as an inclusive bunch here at OOFT Towers, so here's a recent bootleg I've made of the b-side to Samim's massive-but-silly "Heater" track. Entitled Ultraviolet, it's minimal but groovy beats needed a bit of dirt put in I thought, and what's dirtier than some Detroit Booty vocals courtesy of the one and only DJ Assualt (of ass n titties(!) fame)?

Here ya go:

Samim & DJ Assault - Ultraviolet Relatives (Aliooft Booty Mix)

Thursday, August 16

The Churning Sands of Time

Continuing on the old re-edits from years past theme, I've dug up a collection of tracks that broke my re-edit cherry (so to speak). Back in the mists of 2004 I got a pirate copy of Sound Forge and started splicing up different arrangements of tunes (cut, copy, paste. cut, copy,paste. cut,copy,paste. You get the idea). Most are extremely basic edits, but probably because of the minimal tinkering done they're still playable today. See if I'm wrong!

Blaze/Zdar - Think Of How You See Me Now (Aliooft Bootleg mix)
Fresh Tunes 2 - W.U. (Aliooft Edit)
Soul Quality Quartet - Toda Tersafeira (Jazzanova Remix/Aliooft Edit)
Chris Rea - Josephine (Aliooft Edit)
Global Communication - The Way (Aliooft Short Edit)
Wham - Dub Tropicana (Aliooft Edit)
Beach Boys - God Only Knows (Aliooft Edit)

Monday, August 13

Lost Edits

E.Z.Duit from the Give Me Aural blog got me thinking about what other edits may be lurking down the back of the sofa. Along with a few pieces of outdated currency and plenty of non-corresponding sections of Digestive biscuit, there were a few scraggy C-90's with a bizzare collection of edits. Most have well thumbed accapellas / rhythm tracks etc but a few are probably still playable in some context today. Made on an old Akai S1000 and an MPC-60 They range from hip-hop right up to more pounding electronic stuff. Remember : most are over 5 years old. Nuff said.

Here's they are ...

Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (The Revenge Mix)
MAW - To Be In Love (The Hong Kong Micros Broken Mix)
Donnell Jones - You Know Whats Up (Grizzle Remix)
Bellwinch - Cheap Knob Gags (The Revenge Rework)
Odyssey - Native New Yorker (The Revenge Dub)
FC Kahuna & Rhythm Is Rhythm - Strings Of Glitter (The Revenge Rinse-out)
Isolee & Whitney - Wanna Bump With Somebody (The Revenge Rinse-out)
Blackstreet - No Diggity (The Revenge Rework)

Tuesday, August 7

It's Not Dirt. It's A Studio Tan.

Ok. It is dirt. What do you expect. It's tuff down here!

As the summer slowly melts into Autumn we thought we'd do a retrospective of some of our favourite edits & reworks since we started this blog. We've kept it to 10 so we haven't included everything but it'll hopefully give you an idea of what we've been up to if you haven't been here before and allow all you edit lovers who've kept coming back to catch anything you've missed.

So here they are in two batches of five ...

OOFT Music : Retrospective : Part 1

Fourtet - A Joy (Ali's Edit)
Sade - Cherry Pie (The Revenge Rework)
Marvin Gaye - Funky Space Reincarnation (OOFT Music Edit)
Change - Don't Wait Another Night (The Revenge Rework)
Mr Mister - Broken Wings (Ali's Rework)

OOFT Music : Retrospective : Part 2

Marvin Gaye - Heavy Love Affair (The Revenge Rework)
Moodymann - TechnologyStoleMyVinyl (Ali's Edit)
Kashif - Help Yourself To My Love (The Revenge New Jersey Soul Mix)
Modeselektor - Silikone (Ali's Edit)
The Eagles - One Of These Nights (The Revenge Rework)