Wednesday, September 30

Avon Calling

A nice little edit of Anita Ward's "Ring My Bell" just up on Mash's Compact Disco site.

Tuesday, September 29


A wee heads up ... We'll be running a competition on Monday 5th October to win a test pressing of the debut release on new imprint Home Taping Is Killing Music.

Dedicated to that H.O.U.S.E. sound we all love, the label kicks of with a Revenge release as a Part One / Part Two (including a double-extra deep Red Rack'em remix).

DC La Rue Reworks

The beginning of a new series of remixes of legendary disco / house producer DC La Rue commissioned for wax ...

Thursday, September 24

The Weekend

This Friday is the launch of Prins Thomas' Full Pupp party @ Corsica Studios in London with Mark E, Blackbelt Anderson, Bjorn Torske, Warm Residents and yours truly.

Saturday is a Glasgow affair in The Glasshouse with the iguanas and orchids at the Wee Chill - also with Thomas and a whole bunch of other folk.

The weekend culminates in Glasgow's Courtyard at the Sabbath's infamous house party, Sunday Circus, where Ali will be taking care of some OOFT business.


Been messing around with a classic! Some say you shouldn't but I guess most of you will see what I was going after with this one...

400 D/Ls - no reposting as always

Dexter Wansel - The Sweetest Pain (OOFT! Edit)

Tuesday, September 22

Calling all Glasgow Heads...

Heads up... We're going to be holding down a monthly residency at the Mamasan late-night Bar/Club from next Friday October 2nd, and then the first Friday of each and every month after that.

Part of the Saint Judes Boutique hotel on Bath Street, it's a rather nice place to lay down some beats and will give us the chance to explore all the various sounds we've been punting on the blog for so long over each 4-hour set. So if anyone local is kicking about that end of town, on that particular date, at that particular time then pop in - its free entry. And if you ask nicely there may be some free muso-goodies too ;)

Monday, September 21

RJA05 : Chamboché

Chamboché brings home number 5 in our Ruff Jamz series.

Sam Williams made his production mark recently with the debut release on new UK imprint Under The Shade Recordings. With a follow up for UTS in the pipeline, a release just dropped for Shrink Records and his residency at Nottingham's respected Stealth club allowing him to further blur the lines between house and disco, you'll be hearing more from this man over the next few months.

Tracklist :

Tensnake - The Then Unknown - RUNNING BACK
Soulclap - Conscious - WOLF + LAMB
Still Going - Untitled Love - DFA
Moscow - Throw Up - CDR
LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (Padded Cell remix) - DFA
Chamboché - Ipso Facto - UNDER THE SHADE
The Mole - There's Hope - INTERNASJONAL
The Revenge - Savin' The Day - JISCO MUSIC
Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts 5# - MCDE
Soultourist - Fo Eva - DRUMPOET COMMUNITY
Craig Smith & The Revenge - The Soul Part II (6th Borough Project dub) - DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR
Brothers' Vibe - Do You Feel The Vibe (Unreleased drum version) - MIXX
DJ Wild - Ahora (Kabale und Liebe Tambem remix) - SOWESO

Friday, September 11

Right On Point

Got this 12" today from one of my fave producers. Been heavily bumping the B-side track Truly for a while now (as anyone who's listened to the recent OOFT mixes will testify), but the title track trumps it - just a beautiful piece of emotional electronic dance music. Both are easy contenders for tunes of the year at OOFT towers.


Wednesday, September 9

He's A Crazy Mutherf*#ker!

If you think you're going a bit mental and need to get brought back to reality check out this interview with The Mole, 'cause he crazy! Who'd a thunk it eh?

Monday, September 7

RJA04 : Scott Udberg

Newcastle's Habit resident Scott Udberg provides the ammo for number 4 in our series.

Habit began in 2004 and has grown steadily to become a recognised feature in the fabric of Geordie nightlife. Guests span the spectrum of house music and have included Radio Slave, Todd Terje, Dixon, Simon Baker, Domu, Tom Middleton, Ewan Pearson ... well you get the picture. If you want to check it out in the flesh they are doing a special free outdoor party on 19th September 09 with the mighty Funk D'void (details at

Tracklist :

Arnold Jarvis - Take Some Time Out
Mascara - Baja (Sweet Deal Edit)
Popular Peoples Front - Ruf Dug (Una's & Break For Daze)
Imagination - Instinctual
Toby Tobias - Acid Party
Plein Soleil - Casus Belli (The Brontosaurus Saga)
The Doves - Kingdom Of Rust (Still Going Drum Lines)
Canyons - Fire Eyes (Vox Edit)
Free Blood - Weekend Condition (Purple Prins Edit)
Cos & Mes - U>
Rub 'n' Tug - Acid Drums
Bumper - Mascara Love (Pigna People Re-Edit)
Cos & Mes - XXX
Fjordfunk - Berlin Uber Alles
Phoreski - Proud To Be A Fool
World Premiere - Share The Night (Breakdown Edit)
Gauthier & Zagba - It's Love (Rob Mello Re-Dubbed)
40 Thieves - Shake & Bounce
Redshape - Blood Into Dust
Sian - World Within A World
Global Communication - The Biosphere
Nemesi - Jurassico (Prins Thomas Miks)

Friday, September 4

One For The Weekend

Been a bit quiet on the edits front recently whilst working on original stuff and remixes, but here's a deejay friendly version of Lillo Thomas' midtempo 80s cruiser "Your Loves Got A Hold On Me" for those smooth moments in your set ;)

Lillo Thomas - Your Loves Got A Hold On Me (OOFT Simple Edit)