Thursday, May 24

Omar S(harif?)

The newest guy from Detroit to name drop when you're acting cool is this guy - Omar S aka Alex O. Smith aka DJ Snotburger(!). Doing the old hand written 12"s a la Abe Duque and making some rough, heavy detroit house and techno records means he's fast becoming spoken of in the same breath as Moodymann, Theo Parrish et al. This track is his latest release (with the man Parrish on live percussion), which in its original arrangement is a live wig out of heavy synths moving around a single, simple chord pattern. The 12" which I bought actually plays backwards i.e. the start of the tune is at the centre of the record and it plays out towards the rim. Great! What a cool way to press a record! Two words - cueing up. Not easy when your fingers are 2mm away from bashing the needle off into the ether. So this edit is in short, an easy, DJ friendly version, oh and with a smattering of spoken word vocal over the top which I'm still not sure about so I may take it back out at a later date. Should get us all in the mood for guest DJ Jimpster at our monthly OOFT! club night on saturday. Roll on the weekend!

Wednesday, May 16

Can You Feel The Love?

A little party classic from the archives here. Must have done this 8 or 9 years ago which is crazy to think. A decade of editing! Let's face it, there's no shame in mixing up two stone-cold club classics with a horny horn for those mid-summer BBQs. If nothing else, it'll get the girls to appreciate Larry Heard who done a great talk for Red Bull Music Academy here. Legend.

Mr Fingers / Candi Staton - Can You Feel The Love (The Revenge Mix)

Thursday, May 10

Mr Mister, what's that edit?

This time its the turn of 80's pop rock icons Mr Mister to get the midtempo dubbed-out re-edit treatment. Not too much of the original song in there apart from the blinding instrumental section in the middle. Late night 116 BPM action all the way.

Mr Mister - Broken Wings (Ali's Dubbed-out Re-edit)

Tuesday, May 8

Small Change

Here's a classic Change track that i re-edited a while ago. Minus the verses and a little bit dubbed out for the dancefloor. For an insight into this incredible band check here.

Change - Don't Wait Another Night (The Revenge Edit)