Saturday, February 23

Oasis in Detroit

Reclusive detroit dude Omar S has made some of the best deep house and techno around over the last few years, with pretty timeless production. Most of the recordings are live takes, so sometimes I find the arrangement can be a little off. With that in mind heres a quick edit of the track "Oasis Fourteen" from a couple of years back. Play on a big soundsystem for full effect.

Seven days on the d/l

Omar S - Oasis Fourteen (OOFT Edit)

Wednesday, February 13

Nu Shizz

February brings a brand new bag of releases on the Five20East store. Edits, broken beat, house and some classic garage. Great feedback so far from Jimpster, Atjazz, Mark E, Pete Herbert, Simbad, Stu Patterson and more. There's also our OOFT podcast here. Here's a few tasters of the nu shizz for 14 days...

Chris Barker - Tell Em'
The Hong Kong Micros - How Long? (Original Mix)
The Revenge - Need (OOFT Music Remix)

Saturday, February 9

The White Stuff

I loved that Joakim edit of JJ Cale's "Ride Me High" from a while back, and it got me into looking at more of the Calester's work. "Cocaine" is another midtempo groover which is rather funky, so I chucked it into Ableton and gave it a quick re-arrangement. 14 days on the download...

JJ Cale - Cocaine (OOFT Rework)

Sunday, February 3

Let The Music Play

As nice as it is spending weeks / months / years finishing tracks that you hope will become officially released at some point, it's nice to get back to the RAW (Revenge And Walrus). So out comes the MPC, a couple of old soul records and a beer or two. This is how we used to do it ... (100 downloads)

Barry White - Let The Music Play (The Revenge Rework)