Friday, August 27

RJA22 : DJ Sandra

Muscovite selector DJ Sandra is at the controls for our latest episode.

Asya Gorbacheva aka DJ Sandra is a Moscow based vinyl lover and dj who is well known for her eclectic music selection aswell as being the resident of two famous spots - Denis Simachev Bar and Solyanka. Alongside her friends Rob Dirton and Timofey she runs a very fine disco party in Russia called "Odyssey - Get Sirius" with international contributions so far by Mungolian Jet Set, The KDMS, Padded Cell, Woolfy vs Projections, The Hasbeens, Egyptian Lover, Steve Kotey, BlackBelt Andersen, and our own The Revenge amongst others. The next Odyssey night takes place on 29th August and it's their end of season party, so you'd be a Moscow Mule to miss it. The mix itself features gems from Midnight Star, Aleem, Azoto, John Ozilla, Plastic Mode, and Kongas...

Sorry, no tracklist

RJA22 : DJ Sandra

CB Mix

Mr Bratley has just knocked up a mix and a short interview for Isodisco over here ...

Thursday, August 26

Buzzin' Freebie

A free track from Flowers & Sea Creatures' debut EP on Buzzin Fly is available here.
Production from a certain someone not too far from these parts ;)

Tuesday, August 24


Instruments Of Rapture Part Six just out on 12" ... Digital next month.

Tuesday, August 17


A good wee docco on the early New York club scene. Once you get past the "oh my god, Larry was the greatest" chat its pretty interesting stuff.

Friday, August 6

RJA21 : Lel Palfrey

Continuing the East Coast takeover we've got some 80's boogie flavours coming courtesy of vinyl enthusiast Lel Palfrey.

Hailing from Edinburgh, Lel has been nursing a serious record habit for many a year, whilst also having an envious array of rotary mixing equipment. He showcases his love for 80's disco in this set, mixing up original 12"s with more recent edited material. Get those hips swinging. Any Edinburgh Festival goers can catch him doing his thing in the backroom of the Ultragroove/Buzzin' Fly party at the Cabaret Voltaire in a couple of weeks on August 21st.

RJA21 : Lel Palfrey


Morgan - Wanna Love Ya - [Clockwork]
Mick Jessup - Take It Easy When You Get Down - [Starplex]
Magoo - Funktime - [Boogie Times]
William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You Got (Onur Engin Edit) [Square]
Voyage - I Love You Dancer (KZA Edit) [Let's get lost]
Alphabet City - Lowdown - [Traveller]
D.C. La Rue - Indescreet (Popular Peoples Front Edit) [Pyramid Disco]
Groove Armada - The Girls Say (Greg Wilson Version) [GAV]
Julien Jabre & Bibi ft MC Mellow Dee - And You Don't Stop (SDC Disco mix)[OSCID]
Gene Harris - As (Onur Engin Edit) [Square]
Jermaine Jackson - Let's Get Serious (Discolexic Edit) [Discolexic Edits]