Saturday, November 24

This is Slick

This week I have mainly been... tinkering about with a classic! This track was never out my box (so to speak) for many moons when it came out on a limited 12" a couple of years ago. Switch took the fidgety house thing on a step further with his stripped down tracky production and monstrous bassline, and really it doesn't really need any mediocre edits now but I thought, hey, I'd like to start playing it again so I've rearranged and chopped it up so it's a bit the same but different.

192 action for 14 days.

Solid Groove - This Is Sick (OOFT Edit)

Tuesday, November 20

More Revenge (Kind of)

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, everyone over at OOFT Towers has been dropping like flies due to the start of the glorious Scottish winter. Anyways we got speaking to the guys (quite a bit) over the way at I Get Rvng who have just put out their 4th Re-edits 12" from the mightily cosmic Lovefingers, he of the magnificent site The 12" has 4 tracks of seriously tripped out cosmic disco goodness, so we suggest y'all go check it out. As a little taster here's a digital copy of the first track "Kentucky" to whet your appetite...

Lovefingers - Kentucky

Tuesday, November 6

Betcha Wouldn't Work It

Thought we'd slip you a rough taster of this extended club rework. We're working on a couple of different mixes at the moment which may or may not appear on L.E.S.S. next year. This is the long version which has some of the original Quincy in it over the top of an OOFT dub track which we'll be putting out next year. Check it out and see what you think (14 days only).

Quincy Jones - Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me (Extended OOFT! Club Rework)

Thursday, November 1

Essential Cassius

Whilst I've been doing other things like hoovering, washing-up, putting the kettle on - again, I've been listening to loads of different mixes from the vaults. One that constantly gets the head nodding is the classic Cassius Essential Mix from 99'. Full of energy from start to finish, it captures what a lot of mixes I hear don't (along with a very young sounding Pete Tong bangin' on about Jaffa Cakes). Ok - there's quite a lot of 'bigger' tunes in there, but a lot of them were just breaking through at the time, and that 'French Sound' was rising to it's peak. As always ... it's not what you've got ... it's what you do with it that counts. And they done it alright.

Cassius Essential Mix 1999