Monday, April 30

Moodymann gets a workover...

Right, lets keep this short and sweet. I received my copy of the brand spanking new Moodymann 12" on KDJ late last week and thoroughly expected to be blown away after all the hype saying "return to form", "back at his best" etc. etc. And I was. Sort of. It's a great piece of Jazzy house but I couldn't see myself playing it. That thought is the usual trigger for firing up Ableton and getting a track into some sort of DJ-friendly arrangement. So that's what I did. Bam!

Moodymann - Technologystolemyvinyle (Ali's DJ Friendly Edit)

Wednesday, April 25

Re-Edit The Wind

This picture was taken when Bobby finally realised that it wasn't a saxophone the engineer had given him, it was indeed a guitar. Cheap trick. Anyway, It's a mighty riff on a well thumbed classic from a true master - Bobby Womack. Dubbed out a bit for your disco-jockeying pleasure on a 14 day download.

Bobby Womack - Inherit The Wind (The Revenge Rework)

Monday, April 23

Do it, Do it

Ok it's Monday, so that must mean time for some acid 'ouse mate! Dug this wee gem from Zoo Brazil out to play at the Soundhaus on Friday past for the Amnesty International fundraising thing that was on. I've always kept my eye on the Zoo boys as, whilst making a lot of fashionable namby pamby minimal stuff, they do make the odd corker such as this. 117 Bpm 303 action baby! Oh yeah and go buy the higher bitrate version here if you like it...

Zoo Brazil - Doing It

Wednesday, April 18

Big Mac Track

We've nabbed this out of The Hong Kong Micros (Five20East) studio for your posting pleasure. Only ever released on a small pressing of 500 units through the label, this will probably never see the light of day as a full digital release due to the sample. Here it is for 14 days ...

The Hong Kong Micros - All The Love I Need

Monday, April 16

This Goes Out To My Brooklyn Crew

Biggie & Cerrone unwittingly join forces on this mid-tempo, tracked-up, hip-house number from the vaults. Good ole' fashioned dancefloor blazer which is also perfectly suited to driving around in your mum's car on a Saturday afternoon.

The Revenge - All Weekend

Two Can Win (If They Want)

Here comes the second of my reworks from J Dilla's mighty "Donuts" album. "Two Can Win" is a pulsating motown-esque hiphop funk-a-thon with strings, female vocal, and uptempo beats. For my rework I simply extended it a bit and mangled some of the samples from time to time. A staple of my DJ sets for the last few months.

Thursday, April 12


The sands of time have been moving onwards perpetually recently. I guess what I'm trying to say in a posh way is that it doesn't feel like a week since my last post :) So, to get ready for the approaching weekend here's my spliced re-edit of a mix of Fourtet's banger "A Joy" featuring Percee P (He must be a pretty big gut not to get any shit for that name). It's a fast paced hiphop jacker with some heavy beats and Percee's instantly recognisable rythmes. Shake it.

Fourtet - A Joy (Ali's Spliced Rework)

Tuesday, April 10

Brothers Gonna Rework It Out

This first appeared on the mighty Emperor Penguin Machine blog for a short time. In case you missed it, this is my electronic reworking of the well thumbed Motown joint by Willie Hutch. Six-In-The-Morning Midtempo Bizness.

Willie Hutch - Brothers Gonna Work It Out (The Revenge Rework)

Thursday, April 5

Get Some Henney

Jesus! Trying to keep up with The Revenge on his all too frequent posting schedule is proving tough. I've had to go back, way back into my digital vaults to try and find some stuff worthy of the OOFT bloggers. And here's the first fruits of my labour (labour: read clicking the mouse on my lappy a few times), a streched edit of my favourite track from Riton's "Homies and Homos" Album. It's a midtempo electro workout which is funky as hell. Enjoy

Riton - Henney (Ali's Stretched Edit)

Wednesday, April 4

Anne Diamond Life

Driving around in your Austin Maestro to Sade's 1984 album Diamond Life could lead you to believe that you'd made it. Although long gone, those halcyon days can now be relived with my mid-tempo reworking of a classic by this foxy soul chanteuse.

Sade - Cherry Pie (The Revenge Rework)

Tuesday, April 3

Don Does Disco

Don Ray (real name : Raymond Donnez) made his seminal Garden Of Love album with Cerrone in 1978. I originally bought the album for the classic 'Standing In The Rain', but 'Got To Have Loving' is equally as good. I reworked it about a year or so ago and jeez ... that bassline is ridiculous! Those guys knew what they were doing. Think i may go back and do some more versions!

Don Ray - Got To Have Loving (The Revenge Rework)

Monday, April 2

Heavy Rub Affair

Marvin's last release on Motown (1981), filled with emotion as usual and no doubt inspired by his relationship breaking down. I've just stretched the tension out a bit on this rework building up to THAT loop and THAT bassline. Where would we be without his music?

Marvin Gaye - Heavy Love Affair (The Revenge Rework)