Thursday, January 28


Ryo Murakami remix out now on Dessous (vinyl + digital).

Wednesday, January 27

Fresh Jam

New mix by Craig Smith on Cyberjamz ...

Tuesday, January 26


Been working on some new OOFT material at The Revenge dungeons today, can you tell which one of us is which?

Just kidding, Mark E posted this on Facebook. Kyle Hall is a legend!

What You Can Find

Another great find on my Irish adventure. House music's very own tourist, Flukey, from has a nice mix up here plus a few other nice bits and pieces.

Stevie G Podcast

Here's a great selection of podcasts (with killer tracklistings) from our man Stevie G in Cork. Well worth downloading a few of these for your collection.

Monday, January 25

Session Victim Dogcast

The latest Delusions Of Grandeur podcast by Norm De Plume is up now. There's a tasty guest mix by Session Victim (who's upcoming DOG release is a belter).


We've had a lot of fun with this limited series of edits since we started. We had no aspirations for these versions, other than to bring a new element to our DJ sets and give something special to the diggers who still relish the hunt for little independent projects like this.

This collection explores some of our favourite undiscovered tracks from the series plus one previously unreleased track. Of course, we couldn't have done it without the original artists, editors and supporters. For this, we are forever in your debt. Thankyou.

** Available with limited L.E.S.S. badge for first 50 orders through Five20East store. This CD is limited to 500 copies worldwide with no repress. Available through Piccadilly, Phonica and Juno late next week **

Extra Toppings

Monday, January 18


To celebrate the 10th and final release on L.E.S.S. Productions, OOFT! have created this mix of memorable tunes from the L.E.S.S. vaults.

Fitting all 45 tracks that have been released on the label proved a job too far to cram into an hour-long mix, so instead what you're about to hear gives a representation of what L.E.S.S. was all about - re-imagining songs we all loved into a more DJ-friendly format. Simple. From the loose funk opening of Robert Palmer's "Work To Make It Work" through The Revenge's fixation with new jack swing and onto to percussive disco dubs, it's a fun filled 78 mintues of audio. Plus all of the tracks contained in the LESS010 "Versionitis" release are in there somewhere ;)

1. Robert Palmer - Work To Make It Work (The Revenge Edit)
2. Andy Ash - Never Give You Up
3. The Revenge - Curtis
4. Primal Scream - Screamadelica (OOFT Edit)
5. Herb Alpert - Rotation (DJ Harri Edit)
6. The Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets (The Revenge Rework)
7. Marvin Gaye - Funky Space Reincarnation (OOFT Edit)
8. Wganda Kenya - Tifit Hayed (Cronk Family Enterprises Rework)
9. Kleeer - Open Your Mind (DJ 2Three Rework)
10. Today - I Got The Feeling (The Revenge New Jack Stack)
11. Ian Dury - Spasticus Autisticus (OOFT Rework)
12. Willie Hutch - Brothers Gonna Work It Out (The Revenge Rework)
13. Michael Jackson - Thriller (OOFT Phazed Edit)
14. Out In The Sticks - In The Dark
15. Francine McGhee - Delerium (Chris Harris Edit)
16. 6th Borough Project - 7 Grams Of Funk
17. Bob Seger - Night Moves (The Hong Kong Micros TR-808 Mix)
18. Foo Fighters - Everlong (The Revenge Rework)

PS The LESS010 CD will be released first on to the Five20East online store a week today, Monday the 25th of January, followed by the usual haunts (Piccadilly, Phonica etc.) later that week.

PPS We'll be open to gig offers (dates permitting) throughout February, March and April to promote the release. Email for more details ;)


Friday, January 15

It's coming

Ableton / Serato hookup ... intriguing.

Thursday, January 14


Rest in peace big fella

Wednesday, January 13

Tool Time

Classic dubiously lyric'ed chicago house from Marshall Jefferson and Byron Stingly.

They don't make 'em like this anymore.

I'm Your Fix It Man...And Here I Stand...With My Tool...Swingin' In My Hand.

Belter ;)

Friday, January 8

Starter For '10

To kick off the posts for this year here's a cheeky little stretched version of the SoS Band's High Hopes. First spied this over on our man Touchsoul's Soundcloud page (well worth a rummage)and got a copy from him, tweaking it very slightly to fit in to our style. And here's the result - seven and a half minutes of mid-tempo finger clicking 80's soul. Belter ;)

SoS Band - High Hopes (Touchsoul Edit / OOFT! Recut)