Monday, April 28

Dub Your Neighbour

We've got Mark E (Jisco / Running Back) making his Glasgow debut alongside DK (Ninja Tune) for our Bank Holiday bash at Ivy this weekend so I thought I'd post an edit I'd done a while back of one of Tata Vega's tracks (Mark famously reworked Get It Up For Love for Jisco). We'll be supporting alongside our good friend Boom Monk Ben who is now taking care of our bookings through his agency Mixed Bizness.

Tata Vega - Love Your Neighbour (The Revenge Edit)

Thursday, April 24


One we've been playing a fair bit of late is a G.A.M.M. favourite from days of yore. Grab a hold of their compilation CD if you can get your hands on it for some digital delights of some of their best stuff. Ali's just knocked up a new OOFT! mix of the deep variety which starts with this very track. We'll post it shortly ...

Marathon Men - Sweet Exorcist

Monday, April 21

Digital Delerium

The final 3 tracks from the latest installment of our Forever In Their Debt series. This new one covers hip-hop, funk, new jack swing, house and disco in one compact (disc) package. 128kbps for 14days ...

Banbarra - Shack Up (The Revenge Edit)
Today - I Got The Feeling (The Revenge New Jack Stack)
Francine McGee - Delerium (Chris Harris Edit)

Wednesday, April 16

Hit Em' / Hit Em' Back

We've been topping up our studio tans again. This was initially gonna be part 1 & part 2 but they both just seemed to sit well on the same single. After working hard on the edits for L.E.S.S. it was good to make the switch to a straight-up house jam. Representing NYC and the bassline lovers.

This is out now and as usual, you can buy high quality MP3s from the Five20East store where your custom will be very much appreciated. :)

Craig Smith & The Revenge - Hit Em'
Craig Smith & The Revenge - Hit Em' Back

Monday, April 14

More Of Less

As promised, here are another couple of cuts from the new 6th Borough Project disc on L.E.S.S.. Some extended jazz-funk drum workouts on '7 Grams Of Funk' and an end-of-night slab of solar business on 'Planets'. Our friend Chris Keys has covered another track over on his interplanetary Another Night On Earth blog. CD quality limited edition here ...

6th Burough Project - 7 Grams Of Funk

6th Burough Project - Planets

Wednesday, April 2

6th Borough Project

We've got two new L.E.S.S. Productions CD's out next week so here's a peak at a couple of tracks from the first (I'll post some more next week).

LESS005 is 6th Borough Project's "On The Rinse" editing some rare and not so rare funk, boogie, disco. 'Nights Over Memphis' is our deepest excursion for a while and is a small tribute to Martin Luther King's legacy (spookily this week is the 40th anniversary of his assassination - RIP). 'So Glad' is a slice of midtempo, beefed-up-boogie-business. Up for your pleasure for 14 days at 128kbps.

6th Borough Project - Nights Over Memphis
6th Borough Project - So Glad