Friday, November 30

One For The Weekend

A quick edit for the weekend. Some early 80s boogie bounce for y'all.

D/Ls for 14 Days Only // No Repost

Wednesday, November 28

Track 3 - Out Next Week

The final track on the Foto-008 12" is now online for your perusal. Stock is shipping to all the stores next week :)

Thursday, November 22

Track 2...It gets Closer

The second track from Foto-008 is now up to check pon de Soundcloud.

Solar Funk

Feeling this one from Daniel Solar BIG TIME.

Friday, November 16

Dalston Ahoy

Here's a little Q&A session ahead of Ubermax @ Dalston Superstore next week:

Snafu DJ Mix

Club Snafu in Aberdeen asked me to kick off their new podcast series with a DJ mix last month. It must have gone live whilst I was away in the US as I've only seen it today! Have a gander:

Thursday, November 15

DJ Chart Biz

So this months RA chart looks like this:

1.   Sole Ensemble - All For You
2.   Lauer - Macsat Ring Down
3.   Nick Nikolov - Come Down
4.   Aeroplane - I Don't Feel (Deetron Remix)
5.   Fred Everything - Circles One
6.   OOFT! - Arbitrary
7.   Carlos Nilmmns - Patecatl (Morning Factory Remix)
8.   Daniel Solar - Am I Wrong
9.   Ben La Desh - Midnight Garden
10. Jakobin & Domino - Squeeze Me (LeSale Remax)

Wednesday, November 14

Its all Arbitrary

The final Foto release of the year will be a 3-track OOFT! EP. The 12" will be released on 4th December. Here's a preview of the lead track. Good early feedback from the usual suspects.

Back from the Abyss

I seem to have been barely in the studio or at the computer these last few weeks, hence the lack of posting. This new one from Medlar deserves to re-start the blog though. Can't wait to get hold of this...