Wednesday, July 25

If You Missed It...

...The Jodeci Ruffjam is back up over on the Soundcloud.

Tuesday, July 24


Sorting out tunes for this at the weekend. Looking forward to it :)

Friday, July 20

Home Time

This is one for kicking-out time. A short extension of the intro to tease that riff in a little but apart from that nowt else. Pure 80s ballad bizness.

D/Ls for 14 Days Only // No Repost

Thursday, July 19

Wednesday, July 18

Digi Biz

Some digital chart action for July.

Wednesday, July 11

Sleazy Beats Black OPs

You probably want to get on this when it comes out. 
Pre-order over at Piccadilly.


In the mood to hear some Shep Pettibone tunes today :)

Tuesday, July 10

Free Quinces

A nice little freebie from Quince over on his SC page.

Sunday, July 8

OOFT! - Tres Ans

To celebrate having 6000 followers over on the Soundcloud page I've chucked up a little ruffjam called "Tres Ans". It's free to download if you're a follower :)

Friday, July 6

Shiny Yellow Vinyl

The OOFT! Remix of Johannes Regnier is out now on lovely yellow vinyl. There will be no digital release for this and only 300 copies worldwide (with about half already sold in Germany) so go grab it if you like the sounds :). The tracks were mastered by Lupo at Dubplates and Mastering in Berlin and you can hear the difference in sound for sure.

For sale over at Juno.

Tuesday, July 3

Do It

Apologies for the last of posts - I've been away on my holibags...

Lets get back on the wagon with a quick cut of Peoples Choice.

D/Ls for 14 Days // No Repost