Thursday, June 21

Kashif! ... Bless You

This lad's work is often overlooked for bigger 80's soul / jazz-funk cats. Kashif has been credited for classics like Evelyn King's "Love Come Down" and George Benson's "Inside Love (So Personal)" (Which i managed to pick up on vinyl in a Spar shop strangely) along with many other classics by Melba Moore, Meli'sa Morgan, Howard Johnson .... He's now a software developer. Oh well.

Here's my extended re-imagining of one of his numbers. Slide onto the floor ... smooth' like.

Kashif - Help Yourself To My Love (The Revenge New Jersey Soul Mix)

Midtempo Mixing

Here's a little midtempo mix I knocked up a few weeks ago, when the first shards of the typical shitty Scottish summer started hitting. It's being kindly hosted by our friends over at Five20East, incidentally where the first proper OOFT EP is now available to purchase (that was pretty seemless linkage, don't you think?!) Anyway I digress, back to the mix: it's a pretty relaxed journey through some favourite midtempo tracks from recent OOFT DJ sets, featuring belters from the mighty Mark E, Elektrons, and JJ Cale as well as a few cheeky Five20East exclusives from The Revenge, Craig Smith, and yours truly. Have a cuppa, sit back and relax...


Lily Allen Feat. Wale - Smile (Mark Ronson DC Mix)
Mark E - Déjà vu
Elektrons - Be With You
JJ Cale - Ride Me High (Joakim Edit)
Mark E - Beat Down
The Eagles - One Of These Nights (The Revenge Rework)
Craig Smith & The Revenge - Let Yourself Go
Eddie Gale - Song Of Will (Jazzanova’s Rhythm Happening)
Karma - Beach Towel (I:Cube Cosmix Marathon Remix)
Outlines - Listen To The Drums (Jazzanova Remix / Dixon Edit)
OOFT Music - Betcha Wouldn’t (AliOOFT’s Version)
The Revenge - Got To Have Loving (The Revenge Pitch Down Rework)
Orbital Feat. Naomi B - Funny Break
Spiritcatcher - Space Crash

Ali's Summer Slow Down Mix

Get Yer Dub John

Since we're gearing up to festival time once again, I've been indulging my psychadelic side with some of the shows on Red Bull Music Academy's Radio. It makes for a darn good listen while you're trying to do more productive stuff.

Of special interest for me are Kirk Degorgio's 2 hour special on the legendary John Martyn who signed to Chris Blackwell's Island Records in the late 60's. If you are into music full-stop, this should stir something in you. Martyn's music is full of emotion and his technique for layering up guitar with loads of delay intensifies this. He collaborated with Lee 'Scratch' Perry on Martyn's One World album giving birth to a sound we probably identify more with Trip-Hop. Check 'Dancing' below for a taste of this legendary songwriter.

Checkout other great sessions from Quiet Village, Daz-I-Que, Jazzanova and The Elektrons.

Here's a dubby number I uncovered from Primal Scream's Echo Dek album produced by dub-king, Adrian Sherwood (On-U-Sound). Sherwood trips out the track 'Trainspotting' from Vanishing Point to make 'Last Train'. Well worth checking the whole album if you're into ya dub, ya get me?

Primal Scream - Last Train (Echo Dek Dub)

John Martyn - Dancing

Tuesday, June 19

Beware of the gypsy eyes

Ok folks, this is the beginning of some brand spanking new OOFT edits which will be appearing on the site over the next few weeks. This edit is a bit of a work-in-progress at the mo, taking Jimi Hendrix' classic "Gypsy Eyes" and subtly re-arranging it for super deejay use, hence the "Basic Edit" tag. I'm considering whether to leave it like this or whether to delve deeper and do a more electronic, stripped down version a la The Revenge. Comments would be appreciated!

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Gypsy Eyes (Aliooft's Basic Edit)

Wednesday, June 13

Gino Edit

A little beefed up discotool courtesy of Sub Club resident Harri, featuring the French-Canadian disco producer Gino Soccio. Looped, cut and shaken up for all the house and disco heads. 14 days and counting on the download ...

Gino Soccio - Harri's Edit

Tuesday, June 12

Spacek : The Vinyl Front Ear

This unofficial rework was given to me a good while ago but it has yet to leave my box / hard-drive. Both Chris Barker (Jigsaw Music) & JC (Cronk Family Enterprises) have produced material for Five20East Records recently and this compliments those tracks perfectly. Faithful to the original with that extra beach-house beat and a weighty b-line this should do it all over the floor and more.

Steve Spacek - Let The Dollar Circulate (Chris Barker & Jazzchops Rework)

BBQ Beats

Two soulful edits sent to us from a producer affiliated with one of the UKs best Nu Jazz & Broken Beat labels who wishes to remain anonymous. Perfect summertime, set-builders from the mighty N.E.R.D. and Bilal on a bottom-end bustin' tip. I can already smell that charcoal from the BBQ. "Yo! Throw another lobster on the grill and pass me a pina colada. Yeeah."

N.E.R.D Edit
Bilal Edit

Monday, June 11

Down Under Thunder

As we're now in the midst of a typical tropical Scottish summer, filled with blistering heat one minute and torrential rain the next, I thought i'd present you with a great little balearic mix from a young lad in Australia to dry the sweat and tears. Gareth has put together a great little selection in this mix which ends with one of my favourite Change tracks. Sit back, skin up and slip away.

Tracklist :

Belladonna (Tangoterje Edit) – Andreas Vollenweider
Brothers Gonna Work It Out (The Revenge Rework) – Willie Hutch
Love Endeavour (Maurice Fulton Remix) – Alice Smith
Getting Over – Kool Kyle
We Got The Funk – Positive Force
Running Away – Roy Ayers
Freak On – Lemon
Theme From Black Belt Jones – Dennis Coffey
The Sound Table – Cameo
Rock The Beat – Jamaica Girls
Hold Tight (Danny Krivit Re-Edit) - Change

Gareth's Greasy Listening Mix

Thursday, June 7

I Can't Help It Captain, I Don't Have The Powerrrr!

Here's a brand new Hiphop edit - take some Arrested Development drums, a C.L. Smooth Acapella, layer up some tinkly synth lines for a bass and lead (a la Terje, Thomas et al), and here's what you get. Bam!

C.L. Smooth - I Can't Help It (Ali's Rework)

Friday, June 1

Funky New Incarnation

After the Revenge's scorching edit of of "Heavy Love Affair" (previously posted on here), we've got the slightly lower bitrate copy of my edit of "Funky Space Reincarnation". It will appear on a very limited edition edits CD titled "Forever in Their Debt" which should be available from Piccadilly Records in Manchester, Juno, and also at the Five20East Records online boutique in the next couple of weeks. Plenty of the original song in this one, just tracked up for Deejay usage.

Marvin Gaye - Funky Space Reincarnation (Ali's Funky Dub Reincarnation)