Tuesday, August 26

Box Of Tapes

To make it a bit easier to get access to some of our back catalogue DJ mixes to while away your days, you'll find a link over there on the right menu. Please remember to rewind them when you're finished :)

Night Flight

The Revenge L.E.S.S. Productions CD will be appearing in the next few weeks, so I thought I'd give you a heads up on one of the tracks which will feature. We hope to get a tracklist to you in the next week or so. (Thanks to Harri for turning my ears on to the original Stevie Wonder track)

The Revenge - Night Flight

Tuesday, August 19


Here's a quick refix of a classic piece of deep filtered house from ol' Reel 2 Reel's Subliminal label way before it went "main room". Shows that a house track just doesn't need to be complicated as long as the groove is there.

Botella Project - Sensual Confessions (OOFT Edit)

Monday, August 18


Since we've not been posting too much round these parts recently I thought I'd stick up a number I've dug out for recent DJ sets - "Macs & Dons" off the extra versions of the Notorius BIGs seminal Ready to Die LP. Rough East Coast shizz all the way...

Thursday, August 7


This track from A Night At The Jazz Rooms has been kicking about for a while, and although all the tracks are nice, the obvious one sticks out for me. Alex Wilson does a great version of this Chaka track. I've tweaked it a bit for my sets over the summer.

Monday, August 4

Hot Club Joint

Here's an old studio track from the Five20East stable which found it's way into my box again recently. Having only appeared on vinyl many years ago on the Hot Club Joints EP we're hoping to get some remixes done at some point and do a full digital release. Our good friend Paul Joseph shining on vocal duties here.

The Hong Kong Micros feat Paul Joseph - Love's Gonna Get Us (192kbps)