Friday, July 31

Thundering Shade

David Griffiths (he of Jisco fame), has taken one step into the future with his new label Under The Shade. Aiming to combine his A&R penchant for fresh underground material and heavy edits, the first release see's new blood Chamboché step up to bat. Remixes come from yours truly and Pete Herbert.

P.s. Mark E has also just finished a single for the label and it's an absolute belter ... ears peeled.

Wednesday, July 29

Skinny Mix

To launch Skinny Mag's new podcast series, they enlisted JD Twitch, David Barbarossa, Full Phat and myself to do a mix each ...

Monday, July 27

Wogan Chic

Thought this was a great comment and associated picture by Slutty Fringe about the new Major Lazer release ...

"Perhaps the most striking thing about the Major Lazer project for Slutty Fringe is Switch’s current penchant for printed shirts, flat caps and Wogan esque decisions in the pant department"

Saturday, July 25

And More...New Track and Mix

A new remix of Vadim Yershov we've done for Discoteca Recordings has just popped up for sale on Beatport. A bit of a different side of our output, this ones a rolling deep houser. Although for some reason they've genred it progressive house - main rooms and dodgy myspace friend requests here we come!

Also I meant to post up the ad for the Discoteca Monthly Radio Show which we supplied a house mix for earlier this week, but due to the fact I've got an 8 month old son and my girlfriend was away for more than 15 minutes I kinda had my hands full! Actually, checking the Frisky Radio site you've got to pay to access the shows so I've directly linked to our mix below ;)

Digital Release

OOFT - Ode To Glasgow / Discoteca Mix

Friday, July 24

Oot Noo

Just arrived in store ...

Thursday, July 23


I was really pleased to be asked to contribute a remix for Z Records Sunburst Band Remixes compilation a while back. There's some jam-hot versions on the double CD from peeps like The Idjuts, Henrik, Yam Who, Elektrons, Milton Jackson, Recloose ... phew! I noticed the new 12" has just appeared in a couple of shops too which I think has the longer version of my mix on it.

Wednesday, July 22

IOR003 Competition Winner

Firstly - thanks to all y'all who entered our IOR competition - it's been hilarious for us reading the entries, and just goes to prove that the job of the DJ is not one to be undertaken lightly.

A tough choice - but we have finally managed to agree on a winner ... PJ, who's anecdote (and associated YouTube footage) swung our votes. Well done mate - we've dropped you an email.

As an added bonus ... and due to our neverending good nature, we've also decided to give our winner AND all entrants into the competition a copy of the new L.E.S.S. compilation on release (date TBC). The comp will feature one track from every L.E.S.S. CD + one bonus track. We'll keep your email addresses on file and will be in touch when the CD's arrive.

And here's the winning entry ...


Playing at my old residency in montreal, i was approached by local man about town 'Chuggo'. He got my attention, and showed me a CD, "hey, my album just dropped, you wanna give it some play?"

To preface things, i had just mixed in GW edit of Raw DMX, and i replied "what kinda music is it?"

"similar to this....a bit nastier"

"do you sing on it?"


He left the cd with me and dissapeared for a bit,i scanned through the CD. Put it aside. He returned with two pints. Gave me both. And said,

"Track 9, cue it up"

I paused ... looked at the half full dance floor ... Cued up track 9

I said, 'are u ready?'

He pulled out a staff with a skull on the end, which had somehow escaped my attention earlier, and nodded.

I played track 9

He basically lip synched to his own track, which, words can not do justice.

Thankfully ... He has a youtube channel

Friday, July 17

Techno Please If Possible

In the spirit of our competition, which is providing constant tittering and guffawing here, here's a scrap of paper we were handed last year at a gig. I thought it was pretty polite and together in most respects. The fact that someone actually formed the thought to politely scribble the request and hand it to us was funny enough, nevermind the fact we were at about 105bpm at the time in an empty festival tent.

Wednesday, July 15

Competition : IOR Part Three

We just received a test pressing through for Instruments Of Rapture Part 3 and thought we could pass the love onto one of our faithful blog squad. In return we're asking you to give us your best DJing anecdote / request from a punter whilst in the mix. Try and keep them short and to the point ... the funnier the better.

Just fire your suggestions in the comments of this post (with some sort of contact email) and we'll decide the worthy winner on Tuesday 21st July. A glorious test pressing will be mailed to the victor.

Monday, July 13

Rainer Trueby / MCDE

We've been playing this Rainer Trueby + MCDE collab on promo for a few weeks now and it's killer. Just appeared in Piccadilly so don't hesitate ...

Friday, July 10

Harri Summer Mix

Harri passed me this exclusive mix for the blog which is stacked full of Saturday night action. No tracklist at present but needless to say it's a good un'.

On a Sub Club theme ... It's a summer of resident's nights at Subculture for a good few weeks so it's the best chance you'll get to see Harri & Domenic playing together in one of the best clubs on the planet.

Wednesday, July 8

Buffalo Boys

I did this buffalo stance / buffalo gals version last summer for a few of the festival gigs we were doing and never really finished it proper. But I still find it creeping into sets now and then. After some more requests to send it to people I thought I'd be aswell posting it here ... it may come in handy.

14 days @ 320kbps

Monday, July 6

Dropout Boogie

Just a quick nod of thanks to Mark E + Rob J for a fantastic night in Birmingham on Saturday. There was some seriously good music from them both in a great little venue. Don't pass up the chance to check this night out if the opportunity arises.

You can check a recent interview with Mark on RA here ...

Linkwood Food

A nice little documentary on the construction of the Firecracker Intrusion Dubs record.

Universal Truth

Just a quickie to say keep your ears peeled for Andy Ash's forthcoming EP on Universal Vibes records. The young lad from Liverpool has kindly let us include a couple of his workings on some L.E.S.S. Releases so everyone's appetites should be whetted for some seriously deep original productions.

Saturday, July 4


...I'll be flying the OOFT flag north of the border in the new IVY Bar in Glasgow's West End whilst The Revenge is down supplying some beats in the UK's second city at Mark E's Dropout Boogie night. If either of those locations is near then pop down ;)

Friday, July 3

Music For Dreams

For all those fans of the extended mix ... my version of Kenneth Bager's "Fragment One" track has just been released digitally on Music For Dreams alongside remixes from Lenny Ibizarre & Style Of Eye.

Wednesday, July 1

Dark Journey

Outmode have just released the first single on their new label, Join The Dots. With remixes from myself and Toby Tobias, Duff and Chroma Set, it's a fairly varied package. Available exclusive to Juno Download for the time being.

You can check it here ...