Thursday, September 23

RJA23 : Fabio Della Torre

Florentine DJ and Bosconi Records man Fabio Della Torre brings the funk in the latest episode.

Resident DJ at the legendary Tenax club in Florence, Fabio flexes his DJ muscles on this diverse but fluid mix which flows from pitch-down Mark E jams through to nu-acid house and even a sprinkle of Uk Funky. Great stuff. Be sure to check out his label Bosconi Records' new release from none other than Japanese house don Rondenion too.

RJA23 : Fabio Della Torre


Club Utility - For Dj's Only [Fusion Groove Records]
Urban Tribe - My First Mistake [Rush Hour]
UR - Find Your Friends [UR]
The Mole -Last Ditch [Musique Risquee]
Mark E - Christo [Merc]
Cos Mes - Dfg (Featuring Dr. Nishimura) [Esp Institute Of Music]
Fudge Fingas - Ghost House [Prime Numbers]
Nick Chakona and Anthony Mansfield - Slow N' Low [Redux]
Gerd - Friendly Fire [Royal Oak]
Conforce - Pretty Far From Here [Modelisme]
Third Side - Goddes Of The Night [Restoration]
Disco Nihilist - Everythang [Love What You Feel]
Jordan Fields - Textures [Headphonique]
The Oliverwho Factories - Night Lights [Planet E]
Altered Natives - No Mortage [Bosconi]
Ramadanman - Work Out [Swamp]
Karizma - Groove A 'K' Ordingly [R2]
Dj Duke - Can You Feel It [Live At Robert Johnson]
Moodyman - Ol Dirty Vinyl [Kdj]
Rondenion - In One'S Mind [Bosconi Extra Virgin]
Club Utility - For Dj's Only [Fusion Groove Records]

Wednesday, September 22


Flowers & Sea Creatures production just out on Buzzin' Fly ...

Tuesday, September 21

Bonus Dub

A little free unreleased bonus dub of Craig Bratley's "Birdshell" to celebrate the digital release of IOR006. Limited to 100 downloads ... absolutely no re-post (incase you wondered).

Monday, September 20

Strait Editing

That young whipper-snapper from Newcastle Geoff Leopard has very kindly given us this tasty chop of Dire Straits to give out to all our blog-heads. Geoff is part of Last Waltz DJ collective and can be found running the DADA events in and around Geordieland, booking guests such as Ashley Beedle, Pete Herbert, Tiefschwarz, Rahaan, Magda, Felix Dickinson, Greg Wilson, Ivan Smagghe and Ewan Pearson.

Dire Straits - Follow Me Home (Geoff Leopard Edit)

Monday, September 13

Home Taping Remixes

Bit of a delay ... but finally out on digital ...

Thursday, September 9

Berlin Calling...

This Saturday Night y'all

Friday, September 3

Saturday night around 1am if any French cousins are about...

Thursday, September 2

Tornado Wallace Dates

Mr Wallace will be in London between 9th - 19th September and is able to play a couple of dates if any promoters feel the urge. Let us know if you are and we'll put you in touch.