Monday, December 27


For any Glasgow people struggling with NYE plans I'll be DJing at IVY from 9pm-1am, bringing in the bells OOFT-style :)

Tuesday, December 21

Merry Christmas

Since we've barely posted any free stuff this year here's a little selection of basic edits which have been on heavy rotation throughout 2010. Minimal editing going on but great music, enjoy.

Free to download until 1/1/11

OOFT Edits

Tuesday, December 14

Melbourne Deepcast

New deeper mix up for one of my favourite sites ...

Monday, December 13

For The Kids

After a couple of original OOFT trax and remixes have recently come out on vinyl, next up is the one a lot of people have been asking for - the Dexter Wansel edit. Originally I wasn't going to release it as it's a pretty straight edit but seen as all proceeds from House Is The Cure go to charity (no profits for the label or artists) then I thought, ok then :)

Pick it up here.

Thursday, December 9

Evans Above

Part Seven in the Instruments Of Rapture series hits shops today on 12" ... produced by the considerably French, Evan Evans.

Tuesday, December 7

RJA30 : Zambon

Straight outta Poznan, Poland's finest Zambon skips across the genres just the way we like it from 80s pop to pitch down house and edits for the latest episode.

With his first production works coming out on the influential Bumrocks stable, there's plenty more in the tank from this Polish disco don and he's definitely one to watch for in 2011. The mix itself features plenty of work from him so check it out.

RJA30 : Zambon


Zambon - Soul City Dub
Martin Brodin & Dumb Dan - Blood Stud (Ray Mang Remix)
Joey Negro - Why (Hot Toddy Club Mix)
My Pair Of Shoes - If You really Want It (Cosmic Boogie Remix) Sumy -
Funkin In Your Mind (Part 2) Les Femmes - Yes, You Thrill Me
Tourist - Hooked On You (Zambon Effortless Re-Edit)
Vera - Special Treatment
Gaz Nevada - Special Agent Man (Instrumental)
Nick Chacona - Slice Of Life
Daniel Solar - La Fleur
Andy Ash - Mason in My Basin
The Cure- Why Can't I Be You (Young Edits Drugged Out Version)
Zambon & B.Szczęsny pres. Poznan Soul Hustle - The Call
Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is (Kukabara Instrumental Rework)

Thursday, December 2

Use Of Weapons

Simon Murray & Chris Barker aka Deep Space Orchestra have finally given birth to their waxy love child, Use Of Weapons this week. Available on 12" now and digital later.

Tuesday, November 30


The Bicep crew mix us up some old school deep house to warm the winter cockles.

Running the hugely succesful Feel My Bicep blog as well as DJing throughout the world the Bicep DJs constantly demonstrate their love of music. Be Chicago house classics or obsure italo 12"s (or anything else for that matter), you can rest assured the dancefloor will be heaving at one of their parties.

Sorry, no tracklist


Tuesday, November 23


With his first full DJ mix the mysterious KRL steps up to the plate.

Having notched up a handful of releases on Wolf Music over the past two years, including the mighty Recession Beat, KRL has largely remained anonymous. Residing in London, he draws influences from Detroit to Glasgow, with a decade of listening to hip hop & soul coming through in his tracks. This is his first mix to see the light of day, containing the the next single Machine Code plus two exclusives, as he ramps up on the DJ scene. Embracing technology, it's mixed live on vinyl, serato, pioneer 909, effects. Expect to see a regular stream of releases & sets from KRL in 2011.



Mike Slott - Snow Birds Expansion
Plastikman - Konception
KRL - For D
Reggie Dokes - Dream Catcher (FCL Edit)
Eerdbeerschnitzel - To an End
Tom Trago - Use Me
Mark E - Nobody Else
FCL - More Than Seven
Gegenheimer - 214 (The Prayer)
Azari & III - Hungry for the Power
Domu - Dusk3
Spectrum - Outerdrive
Onra - Wonderland
Art of Tones - The World as I Live It
KRL - Deep Down
Lone - Pineapple Crush
Jayson Brothers - The Game
James T Cotton - 2 Keys
KRL - Machine Code
Linkwood - Nectarine

Tuesday, November 16

RJA27 : Hotel Motel

Hotel Motel are checking in for the latest Ruff Jamz to coincide with their release on Home Taping Is Killing Music.

A joint collaboration between a certain Bill Brewster and Alex Tepper, the pair met 16 years ago when Bill signed one of Alex's first productions to a New York label he was running and continued over the years to plough the sonic fields for audio potatoes. According to their press release, some of their work is already being described as "like Salvador Dali with his pants down being fellated by Deirdre Barlow" ... a very fair and vivid comparison in our book.

Sorry, no tracklist

RJA27 : Hotel Motel

Monday, November 15

Get Your Digital On

Dut to popular demand Foto Recordings is going to have selected releases available digtally through Juno. Vinyl will still be a good couple of months in advance of the digital release. However, it'll allow more freedom to release extra remixes/dubs etc... in the future. The OOFT "Red Zone" EP is first with Andy Ash's EP (out now on vinyl) due in the new year...

OOFT - Red Zone EP

Wednesday, November 10

RJA26 : Andy Ash

Coming thick and fast till the end of the year we've got several great new mixes ready. Next up is Andy Ash fresh from dropping his debut Foto Recordings EP

Hailing from Liverpool Andy first pricked up the ears at OOFT towers several years ago with some stunning material including his Barry White rework which we released on L.E.S.S. Productions. Since then he's continued to wow us with releases on Still Love For Music and Universal Vibes, with more new material forthcoming on Jacques Renaults On The Prowl Recordings, so ears peeled. The mix demonstrates his decknical talent with shifts from detroit house to 80s disco seamlessly mixed.

Sorry, no tracklist

RJA26 : Andy Ash

Monday, November 8

Oot Noo

Double-dose of OOFT remixes exclusively on Beatport for the time bring. Check it here.

Friday, November 5

Braxe Chats

Monsieur Braxe chats about making "Running" ...

Tuesday, November 2

RJA25 : Bonar Bradberry

20:20 Vision affiliate Bonar Bradberry drops some serious disco and boogie flavours in this episode.

Notching up releases on Under the Shade, NeedWant, and the aforementioned 20:20 as well as captaining his PBR Streetgang outfit, Bonar's wealth of DJ and production experience radiates further into some world-famous club nights including Leed's Asylum and his residency at the one-and-only Space in Ibiza.

Sorry, no tracklist

RJA25 : Bonar Bradberry

Monday, November 1

DFA Remixes

Holy Ghost! remixes just released on DFA ...

Thursday, October 28


After a slight delay the second FOTO Recordings 12" is here. I'm really excited to release an EP from Liverpool's Andy Ash as he is one of the most underrated house producers out there. The A-side "Dance" is a loping Detroit inspired house number, whilst on the flip Andy get's all choppy on some 80's soul to create the banging pitch-down "Mason in my Basin".

Buy at Juno this week. Everywhere else from Monday 1/11/10

Monday, October 18

Burnt Island Casuals Remix

New out on Compost Black Label this week on 12" ... Roberto Rodriguez remixes from Burnt Island Casuals and Matthias Meyer. Dubs to follow on digital soon.

Wednesday, October 13

Faze Action Remixed

New remix just out on Faze Action's label ... ear injection here.

Tuesday, October 12

Move That D

Reset and the Leeds boys have been raving about this mix from the Housemeister that is Move D, so best check it out ;)

Move D Live @ Mono Cult Leeds 08.10.10

Wednesday, October 6

RJA24 : Carina Ramos

More East Coast pressure is supplied by Edinburgh spinner Carina Ramos with a classy 80's boogie selection.

Gracing the East Coast with her presence over recent times, Carina Ramos can often be found playing the backroom at Edinburgh's long-running and prodigious "Ultragroove". She is a familiar face across the Capital and is regularly invited to play at other venues across the country. The mix itself features many faves including belters from Gwen McRae and Kenny Loggins plus a stone cold OOFT classic in BB&Q Band's Dreamer. Enjoy.

RJA24 : Carina Ramos


Lette Mbulu - Nomalizo
Premium Economy - Can't Wait
Richie Rome - Deep
Kenny Loggins - This Is It
B B & Q - Dreamer
Melba Moore - You Stepped Into My Life
Winans - Let My People Go
The Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (Mark E Pressure Dub)
GC Cameron - If I Love You
Unlimited Touch - Searching For The One
Gwen McRae - Doin' It
Steve Arrington - Feel So Real
Brainstorm - We're On Our Way Home

Tuesday, October 5

Thursday, September 23

RJA23 : Fabio Della Torre

Florentine DJ and Bosconi Records man Fabio Della Torre brings the funk in the latest episode.

Resident DJ at the legendary Tenax club in Florence, Fabio flexes his DJ muscles on this diverse but fluid mix which flows from pitch-down Mark E jams through to nu-acid house and even a sprinkle of Uk Funky. Great stuff. Be sure to check out his label Bosconi Records' new release from none other than Japanese house don Rondenion too.

RJA23 : Fabio Della Torre


Club Utility - For Dj's Only [Fusion Groove Records]
Urban Tribe - My First Mistake [Rush Hour]
UR - Find Your Friends [UR]
The Mole -Last Ditch [Musique Risquee]
Mark E - Christo [Merc]
Cos Mes - Dfg (Featuring Dr. Nishimura) [Esp Institute Of Music]
Fudge Fingas - Ghost House [Prime Numbers]
Nick Chakona and Anthony Mansfield - Slow N' Low [Redux]
Gerd - Friendly Fire [Royal Oak]
Conforce - Pretty Far From Here [Modelisme]
Third Side - Goddes Of The Night [Restoration]
Disco Nihilist - Everythang [Love What You Feel]
Jordan Fields - Textures [Headphonique]
The Oliverwho Factories - Night Lights [Planet E]
Altered Natives - No Mortage [Bosconi]
Ramadanman - Work Out [Swamp]
Karizma - Groove A 'K' Ordingly [R2]
Dj Duke - Can You Feel It [Live At Robert Johnson]
Moodyman - Ol Dirty Vinyl [Kdj]
Rondenion - In One'S Mind [Bosconi Extra Virgin]
Club Utility - For Dj's Only [Fusion Groove Records]

Wednesday, September 22


Flowers & Sea Creatures production just out on Buzzin' Fly ...

Tuesday, September 21

Bonus Dub

A little free unreleased bonus dub of Craig Bratley's "Birdshell" to celebrate the digital release of IOR006. Limited to 100 downloads ... absolutely no re-post (incase you wondered).

Monday, September 20

Strait Editing

That young whipper-snapper from Newcastle Geoff Leopard has very kindly given us this tasty chop of Dire Straits to give out to all our blog-heads. Geoff is part of Last Waltz DJ collective and can be found running the DADA events in and around Geordieland, booking guests such as Ashley Beedle, Pete Herbert, Tiefschwarz, Rahaan, Magda, Felix Dickinson, Greg Wilson, Ivan Smagghe and Ewan Pearson.

Dire Straits - Follow Me Home (Geoff Leopard Edit)

Monday, September 13

Home Taping Remixes

Bit of a delay ... but finally out on digital ...

Thursday, September 9

Berlin Calling...

This Saturday Night y'all

Friday, September 3

Saturday night around 1am if any French cousins are about...

Thursday, September 2

Tornado Wallace Dates

Mr Wallace will be in London between 9th - 19th September and is able to play a couple of dates if any promoters feel the urge. Let us know if you are and we'll put you in touch.

Friday, August 27

RJA22 : DJ Sandra

Muscovite selector DJ Sandra is at the controls for our latest episode.

Asya Gorbacheva aka DJ Sandra is a Moscow based vinyl lover and dj who is well known for her eclectic music selection aswell as being the resident of two famous spots - Denis Simachev Bar and Solyanka. Alongside her friends Rob Dirton and Timofey she runs a very fine disco party in Russia called "Odyssey - Get Sirius" with international contributions so far by Mungolian Jet Set, The KDMS, Padded Cell, Woolfy vs Projections, The Hasbeens, Egyptian Lover, Steve Kotey, BlackBelt Andersen, and our own The Revenge amongst others. The next Odyssey night takes place on 29th August and it's their end of season party, so you'd be a Moscow Mule to miss it. The mix itself features gems from Midnight Star, Aleem, Azoto, John Ozilla, Plastic Mode, and Kongas...

Sorry, no tracklist

RJA22 : DJ Sandra

CB Mix

Mr Bratley has just knocked up a mix and a short interview for Isodisco over here ...

Thursday, August 26

Buzzin' Freebie

A free track from Flowers & Sea Creatures' debut EP on Buzzin Fly is available here.
Production from a certain someone not too far from these parts ;)

Tuesday, August 24


Instruments Of Rapture Part Six just out on 12" ... Digital next month.

Tuesday, August 17


A good wee docco on the early New York club scene. Once you get past the "oh my god, Larry was the greatest" chat its pretty interesting stuff.

Friday, August 6

RJA21 : Lel Palfrey

Continuing the East Coast takeover we've got some 80's boogie flavours coming courtesy of vinyl enthusiast Lel Palfrey.

Hailing from Edinburgh, Lel has been nursing a serious record habit for many a year, whilst also having an envious array of rotary mixing equipment. He showcases his love for 80's disco in this set, mixing up original 12"s with more recent edited material. Get those hips swinging. Any Edinburgh Festival goers can catch him doing his thing in the backroom of the Ultragroove/Buzzin' Fly party at the Cabaret Voltaire in a couple of weeks on August 21st.

RJA21 : Lel Palfrey


Morgan - Wanna Love Ya - [Clockwork]
Mick Jessup - Take It Easy When You Get Down - [Starplex]
Magoo - Funktime - [Boogie Times]
William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You Got (Onur Engin Edit) [Square]
Voyage - I Love You Dancer (KZA Edit) [Let's get lost]
Alphabet City - Lowdown - [Traveller]
D.C. La Rue - Indescreet (Popular Peoples Front Edit) [Pyramid Disco]
Groove Armada - The Girls Say (Greg Wilson Version) [GAV]
Julien Jabre & Bibi ft MC Mellow Dee - And You Don't Stop (SDC Disco mix)[OSCID]
Gene Harris - As (Onur Engin Edit) [Square]
Jermaine Jackson - Let's Get Serious (Discolexic Edit) [Discolexic Edits]

Tuesday, July 27

RJA20 : Craig Smith

The man hailing from the 6th Borough drops 2 & 1/2 hours of tuneage as only he can.

Needing absolutely no introduction, the legendary Mr Smith shows once again why he's one of the UK's most respected underground jocks. Carving up soulful pitch-down goodies with disco, house, garage and more, this ones gonna be on repeat for a while :)

Sorry, no tracklist

RJA20 : Craig Smith

Wednesday, July 21

Tuesday, July 20

RJA19 : Reset*

Hot on the heels of Dirk Eskimo's mix comes this pitch-down selection from Leeds-based knob twiddler Reset*. Be sure to check his debut release on E.A.R. Records, tis a good'un.

Having pricked-up ears over at OOFT towers due to some tracky pitch-down groovers it only seemed right to ask Reset* to provide a mix for our little podcast. Plenty of gems from the E.A.R. camp, Mark Seven, and Tiger & Woods in the mix, plus a certain Basic Channel classic to round things off in style.

RJA19 : Reset*


Reset* - Juicy (LTJ Xperience Remix) - E.A.R.
Burnt Island Casuals - Scotch Hop - Under The Shade
Ryan E Shaw - Lovin' - E.A.R.
TDRMC - Am Still The One - E.A.R.
Toby Tobias - Macasu (Motor City Drum Ensemble Loft Party Remix) - LateNightAudio
MCDE - Raw Cuts #6 - MCDE
Tomas Malo - Nobody Loves You - Architech Records
The Revenge - Lost In Music - Disco Deviance
Mark Seven - Pillow Talk - Endless Flight
Mark Seven - Swept Away - Endless Flight
Tiger & Woods - Love In Cambogia - Editainment
Tiger & Woods - Dr. Burner - Editainment
Vincenzo - Young Mountain - Mobilee
Zev - Forget The World - Wolf+Lamb
Round Two - New Day - Main Street Records

Givin' It Away

The kind chaps from Death On The Balcony have given us this cheeky little nugget for y'all. Clocking in at 118bpm it's a bit of a 80s Disco chugger. Nice ;)

If you're in the vicinity don't forget to check out their monthly Throwback nights in Leeds with some stellar guests lined up over the rest of the year.

Downloads will be limited as usual to 14 days.

Death On The Balcony - Don't Give It Away (DOTB Edit)

Friday, July 16

RJA18 : Dirk De Ruyck

Belgium's maestro of all things disco Dirk De Ruyck conjours up an exquisite Balearic mix for the next installment in the series.

Dirk has been one of the main players in his homeland for many a year. Whether running his world-renowned Eskimo and Mindless Boogie labels or DJing in the just-as-famous Culture Club, he's responsible for digging up most of todays superstar editors. Next on the hit list is building up his new label Abracada, so keep the eyes peeled. The mix itself comes across like a lost hour on the white-isle. Roll on summer ;)

Sorry, no tracklist

Wednesday, July 14


IOR006 out at the beginning of August.

Newcomer Craig Bratley brings us some slo-mo electronic bizzle with
remixes from 6th Borough Project and Burnt Island Casuals.

Mario Land

Remixes just out for Mario Basanov on Future Classic

Tuesday, June 29

New Dogcast

Tornado Wallace on the mix for the new Delusions Of Grandeur podcast.

Wednesday, June 23

History Of House

If you ain't seen it ... you probably should.

This Saturday @ Unit Tokyo

The guys from Pangea are celebrating their 6th Anniversary and have made one of the coolest flyers I've seen for the gig - like little 7"s.

Monday, June 21


Turns out the house uber-producer Kink doesn't use any hardware (or recognisable software) to make his pounding chi-town beats.

Read on over at Resident Advisor

Thursday, June 17

New Rework Comin' At Ya

Yip, we've not posted up any new edits for a long time, mainly because we've been busy on original material. Anyways, I had a half finished version of this Melba Moore rework in my crates for a wee while which I was just keeping for personal use but since everyone is using it for samples these days (Tiger & Woods, Reset* etc...) I thought I'd update it and give it out :)
The original is great; with Kashif twiddling the knobs in the studio it came out a bit like The Evelyn Champange King track that Mark E sampled for RnB Drunkie.

Weekend party action ;)

Usual script, downloads will be for a limited time only.

Melba Moore - Love's Comin At Ya (OOFT! Rework)

Monday, June 14

Out Now (Finally)

After some slight delays the new OOFT! EP is available in most stores as of now :)


Friday, June 11

DJ Broadcast Mix

New housey mix for DJ Broadcast ...

Thursday, June 10

Prosumer on BIS

Brilliant mix from the House-meister on BIS a couple of weeks back...