Sunday, December 9

Driving Home For Dub

Another stocking filler for y'all while you sup on some more fine mulled wine. King of balearic beach beats, Chris Rea given a quick festive workover.

Chris Rea - Driving Home For Xmas (The Revenge Redub)

Thursday, December 6


Well it's been a long time coming but we've finally thrown together a new mix which covers most (but not all) of our bases when we DJ together. Mixed live on the 1 & 2s with a bit of added edge from M-Audio Torq and a Trigger Finger, we've managed to cram over 20 tracks into a clubbed-up hour-long mix, giving a flavour of the kinds of sounds we're playing around with when we DJ for the Hows Your Party? night of Glasgow's world famous Sub Club. PS Ckick on the pic above for some ghetto style animation ;)

14 Days on the Down low(d)

1. Christian Prommer – Rex Drums [Sonar Kollektiv]
2. Tolcha vs. Soom T – Send Dem Kids To War (Jahcoozi Remix) [Meta Polyp]
3. Alessi Bros. – Savin’ The Day (The Revenge Rework) [L.E.S.S. Productions]
4. Architecture In Helsinki – Heart It Races (Trizzy’s Tin Can Mix) [CDR]
5. Cronk Family Enterprises – The Innocent Man [Five20East]
6. The Revenge – Reaction Time [Five20East]
7. Rondenion – Ageing New Style [Still Music]
8. Marvin Gaye – Give It Up (U-Tern Rework) [CDR]
9. Jay Shepheard – Pipes N Sneakers [Compost Black Label]
9a. Prztz – Nut Disco (Acapella) [Dot.Bleep]
10. Zed Bias – Bare Knuckle Feat. Broke N’ English [Sick Trumpet]
11. Hashim – Al Naafyish (The Soul) [Cutting]
12. Lee Mortimer – Cook It [Wearhouse]
13. Catz N Dogz – Fixation [Dirtybird]
14. TTC – Telephone (Ghislain Poirer Remix) [Big Dada]
15. Scott Wozniak – String Thing (DJ Spen’s Code Red Mix) [Code Red]
15a. Edu K – Gatas Gatas Gatas (Acapella) [Man Rec.]
16. Blaqstarr – Supastarr [Mad Decent]
17. DJ Tamiel – Bump Like This [CDR]
18. Skream – Midnight Request Line (Switch Remix) [CDR]
19. Mash – Radio Selecta (The Revenge Rework) [CDR]
20. Mr Oizo – Patrick 122 (Full Phat Re-edit) [CDR]
21. Daft Punk – Too Long (Acid Girls Re-edit) [CDR]

Hogmanay In Glasgow

For all those in the vicinity, we are hosting the basement party at Ivy in Glasgow to bring in the New Year. You'll be exposed to a stocking-full of edits, reworks and club bangers from 9pm onwards. Its only £5 for a ticket and there's only 100 to go around. You can pick them up direct from Ivy or order online from Ticket Scotland.

Tuesday, December 4

1 Carrot & 2 Lumps Of Coal Please

Another one for your stockings. Bringing together Luther & Aled for the first time (and last time probably) on mp3. This was done a few years back, but Xmas ain't Xmas without The Snowman in my opinion.

The Snowman (Rebuilt By The Revenge)

Sunday, December 2

Number One For Festive Fun

Whilst getting out the box of decorations, I stumbled across a few xmas edits / reworks. So, in the spirit of things, here is one to get the festive fun begun It's a bit of a mash-up of a few things but I won't spoil it for you (although the title might). Here's the original and the dub for 14 days ...

Xmas Number One - The Revenge
Xmas Number One (Dub) - The Revenge

Saturday, November 24

This is Slick

This week I have mainly been... tinkering about with a classic! This track was never out my box (so to speak) for many moons when it came out on a limited 12" a couple of years ago. Switch took the fidgety house thing on a step further with his stripped down tracky production and monstrous bassline, and really it doesn't really need any mediocre edits now but I thought, hey, I'd like to start playing it again so I've rearranged and chopped it up so it's a bit the same but different.

192 action for 14 days.

Solid Groove - This Is Sick (OOFT Edit)

Tuesday, November 20

More Revenge (Kind of)

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, everyone over at OOFT Towers has been dropping like flies due to the start of the glorious Scottish winter. Anyways we got speaking to the guys (quite a bit) over the way at I Get Rvng who have just put out their 4th Re-edits 12" from the mightily cosmic Lovefingers, he of the magnificent site The 12" has 4 tracks of seriously tripped out cosmic disco goodness, so we suggest y'all go check it out. As a little taster here's a digital copy of the first track "Kentucky" to whet your appetite...

Lovefingers - Kentucky

Tuesday, November 6

Betcha Wouldn't Work It

Thought we'd slip you a rough taster of this extended club rework. We're working on a couple of different mixes at the moment which may or may not appear on L.E.S.S. next year. This is the long version which has some of the original Quincy in it over the top of an OOFT dub track which we'll be putting out next year. Check it out and see what you think (14 days only).

Quincy Jones - Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me (Extended OOFT! Club Rework)

Thursday, November 1

Essential Cassius

Whilst I've been doing other things like hoovering, washing-up, putting the kettle on - again, I've been listening to loads of different mixes from the vaults. One that constantly gets the head nodding is the classic Cassius Essential Mix from 99'. Full of energy from start to finish, it captures what a lot of mixes I hear don't (along with a very young sounding Pete Tong bangin' on about Jaffa Cakes). Ok - there's quite a lot of 'bigger' tunes in there, but a lot of them were just breaking through at the time, and that 'French Sound' was rising to it's peak. As always ... it's not what you've got ... it's what you do with it that counts. And they done it alright.

Cassius Essential Mix 1999

Tuesday, October 30

Who's Got The Pawer?

Still 2 days to go until Halloween and I'm now feeling all Ghouled-out after our Forever in Their Death edits and what feels like weeks of general pumpkin related chat and ting. So for something fresh! Luckily our good friend from Liverpool Mr Andy Ash has been getting busy in his studio and knocking out a lot of good stuff recently, including this old-school disco re-edit of Camoflage's "You've Got The Power" which he sent up last week. Get the nylon shirt's on and boogie!

Wednesday, October 24

Coffin Stuff

Here's a cheeky one I tweaked last year for Halloween. The original is the JT Donaldson mix of CPenn's 'Puffin Stuff' which is still a mighty, mighty track in my opinion. I've just slapped a bit of Vincent & John Carpenter on top for ghoul measure.

The Revenge - Coffin Stuff

Sunday, October 14

Songs that go bump in the night...

The 3rd installment of our limited edition re-edit CDs have just been pressed up and are ready for action on the Five20East online shop (a few copies will also be available in Piccadilly Records Manchester by the end of this week). As usual, only 100 individually numbered copies available. We've gone on a Halloween inspired mission to re-arrange some of our favourite goulish-themed songs and the result is 5 tracked-up slow burners that show get any Halloween parties a-rocking. You'll find some 192 goodness at the links below, but pick up a copy of the CD for full quality audio ;)

Also our electronic friends DST have also got some edit-y goodness just out - a souped up old school drum machine reworking of the Japan classic "Ghosts". Check it out too.

PS if you're saving the cash but still want get get hold of these releases, head over to the Yer Mam! blog or Scottish underground radio station Radio Magnetic as both are running competitions to win free copies this week. Good Luck!

Alessi Brothers / Savin' The Day (The Revenge Rework)

The Specials / Ghost Town (The Revenge Increase The Peace Mix)

The Revenge / Frontin' On Our Own

OOFT Music / In Search Of Ecto 1

Michael Jackson / Thriller (OOFT Music Edit)

Deportivo Street Team - Spooked

Thursday, October 11

Bionic Beasties

Just before we unleash the next set of L.E.S.S. re-edits onto your ass I thought I'd take a quick step back in time to the year 2003 (whoa!, Do you remember it?). To be honest I don't have that many great memories apart from dancing to chicago-y house and techno at Glasgow's world famous Sub Club just about every week, and picking up a strange blue-label edits 12" which had a crazy 6/8 beat remix of Led Zeppelin on the A-side, and an electronic midtempo Beastie Boys rework on the flip. And as it randomly fell off my shelves the other day out of nowhere I thought I'd share it, as it still sounds pretty good. Et Voila.

Bionikworld & Nick Coleman - Rooting Around

Wednesday, October 3

Halloween Edits Soon Come

Just a quick heads up to say that the 3rd volume of L.E.S.S. Productions edits will be up here for sampling next week. Entitled "Forever In Their Death" (See what we done there eh? eh?), there will be 5 edits, 100 copies and a spoonful or two of ghoulishness. Arrrggghhhh!

Thursday, September 27

Hands Up For The City

More tempo'd action here, with a quick rendering of this delightful hiphop track from the recent digital-only Chrome Children 2 remix album from Stones Throw Records. I always like hiphop tracks with good samples in them, and this one fits the bill nicely...

Roc C - Living For The City (Tempo'd)

All we hear is...

Just a little heads up to let you know we've recently started a new 1 hour OOFT! radio show on Glasgow University's Subcity FM. Alongside sporadic FM broadcasts throughout the Glasgow area you can catch each show live online every Tuesday between 5-6pm GMT here. If you miss one we'll be posting the links to listen again too. Like this! This weeks show featured tracks and edits by ourselves, U-Tern, Andy Ash, Talib Kweli and Matthew Dear amongst others, so tuck in ;)

Wednesday, September 19

Our Friends In The East

Five20East have just put some of their vinyl back catalogue online and so we thought we'd have a little root around and see what digital and analogue gems we could pilfer for your pleasure. Here's a couple of oldies and a couple of newies as Autumn closes in. We've also included the original pitched down mix of The Hong Kong Micro's version of Bob Seger's Nite Moves. The house version was featured on the second L.E.S.S. volume. All are 128kbps for 14 days. No sleeping.

Craig Smith & The Revenge - Let Yourself Go
Double Dragon - Geez Funk
Deportivo Street Team - Acid Jerks (OOFT Music Remix)
The Hong Kong Micros - Closing (The Original Bob Seger Track)

Tuesday, September 18


My rework of the extraordinary chanteuse.

Bat For Lashes - Prescilla (The Revenge Rework)

Friday, September 14

Our Friends In The North

A new guest posting is up next, courtesy of Aberdeen's Funky Transport. Holding down Scotland's northern outpost of underground house nights week in week out at club Snafu in the Granite city, Funky T's extensive discography reads like a who's who of premier record labels, including releases on Classic, Playhouse, Hi-Phen, Chez and Brique Rouge amongst many others. He's been getting tuned into this little blog site and has given us these edits to share with everyone. First up is a grooved-up edit of Sergio Mendes, and second is a housey reworking of Earth Wind & Fire. Boom.

Sergio Mendes - Yes Yes Y'all (Funky Transport & Giles Walker Edit)
Earth Wind & Fire - All In The Way (Funky Transport Edit)

Sunday, September 9

Bjorkin' Marvellous!

I was totally blown away by Bjorks performance at the Connect Festival last weekend. Not at all what I expected, although with Mark Bell (of LFO fame) twiddling knobs I should have known that it would be fairly up my street. It's probably the best live gig I've ever seen, which is nice. Anyway I've tempo'd a cut from her latest album Volta called "Innocence" at 117 bpm so it's now playable by us Disc Jockey types.

Bjork - Innocence (Tempo'd)

Wednesday, August 29

More or L.E.S.S.

Roll up roll up! Get the second volume of our "Forever In Their Debt" series here! There should be a few copies left in Piccadilly Records too. This time around we've fiddled about with classics from Primal Scream, Hot Chocolate, Bob Seger and more all in the aid of the Disc-Jockeying cause. Get some 128 kbps flava in your ear with the links below, or go buy yourself one of the limited edition numbered CD copies (only 100 pressed) for some higher quality audio fun.

Primal Scream - Screamadelica (OOFT Music Edit)

Wganda Kenya - Tifit Hayed (Cronk Family Enterprises Mix)

Hot Chocolate - Cadillac (The Revenge Rework)

Bob Seger - Night Moves (The Hong Kong Micros TR808 Mix)

Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle (DJ 2Three Mix)

Thursday, August 23

Minimal Ghetto?

Having a look over the site recently I realised that everything on here is heading towards the disco tip. Well we like to think of oursevles as an inclusive bunch here at OOFT Towers, so here's a recent bootleg I've made of the b-side to Samim's massive-but-silly "Heater" track. Entitled Ultraviolet, it's minimal but groovy beats needed a bit of dirt put in I thought, and what's dirtier than some Detroit Booty vocals courtesy of the one and only DJ Assualt (of ass n titties(!) fame)?

Here ya go:

Samim & DJ Assault - Ultraviolet Relatives (Aliooft Booty Mix)

Thursday, August 16

The Churning Sands of Time

Continuing on the old re-edits from years past theme, I've dug up a collection of tracks that broke my re-edit cherry (so to speak). Back in the mists of 2004 I got a pirate copy of Sound Forge and started splicing up different arrangements of tunes (cut, copy, paste. cut, copy,paste. cut,copy,paste. You get the idea). Most are extremely basic edits, but probably because of the minimal tinkering done they're still playable today. See if I'm wrong!

Blaze/Zdar - Think Of How You See Me Now (Aliooft Bootleg mix)
Fresh Tunes 2 - W.U. (Aliooft Edit)
Soul Quality Quartet - Toda Tersafeira (Jazzanova Remix/Aliooft Edit)
Chris Rea - Josephine (Aliooft Edit)
Global Communication - The Way (Aliooft Short Edit)
Wham - Dub Tropicana (Aliooft Edit)
Beach Boys - God Only Knows (Aliooft Edit)

Monday, August 13

Lost Edits

E.Z.Duit from the Give Me Aural blog got me thinking about what other edits may be lurking down the back of the sofa. Along with a few pieces of outdated currency and plenty of non-corresponding sections of Digestive biscuit, there were a few scraggy C-90's with a bizzare collection of edits. Most have well thumbed accapellas / rhythm tracks etc but a few are probably still playable in some context today. Made on an old Akai S1000 and an MPC-60 They range from hip-hop right up to more pounding electronic stuff. Remember : most are over 5 years old. Nuff said.

Here's they are ...

Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (The Revenge Mix)
MAW - To Be In Love (The Hong Kong Micros Broken Mix)
Donnell Jones - You Know Whats Up (Grizzle Remix)
Bellwinch - Cheap Knob Gags (The Revenge Rework)
Odyssey - Native New Yorker (The Revenge Dub)
FC Kahuna & Rhythm Is Rhythm - Strings Of Glitter (The Revenge Rinse-out)
Isolee & Whitney - Wanna Bump With Somebody (The Revenge Rinse-out)
Blackstreet - No Diggity (The Revenge Rework)

Tuesday, August 7

It's Not Dirt. It's A Studio Tan.

Ok. It is dirt. What do you expect. It's tuff down here!

As the summer slowly melts into Autumn we thought we'd do a retrospective of some of our favourite edits & reworks since we started this blog. We've kept it to 10 so we haven't included everything but it'll hopefully give you an idea of what we've been up to if you haven't been here before and allow all you edit lovers who've kept coming back to catch anything you've missed.

So here they are in two batches of five ...

OOFT Music : Retrospective : Part 1

Fourtet - A Joy (Ali's Edit)
Sade - Cherry Pie (The Revenge Rework)
Marvin Gaye - Funky Space Reincarnation (OOFT Music Edit)
Change - Don't Wait Another Night (The Revenge Rework)
Mr Mister - Broken Wings (Ali's Rework)

OOFT Music : Retrospective : Part 2

Marvin Gaye - Heavy Love Affair (The Revenge Rework)
Moodymann - TechnologyStoleMyVinyl (Ali's Edit)
Kashif - Help Yourself To My Love (The Revenge New Jersey Soul Mix)
Modeselektor - Silikone (Ali's Edit)
The Eagles - One Of These Nights (The Revenge Rework)

Tuesday, July 31

Pie Eyed Piper

Another great little exclusive edit from Sub Club's Harri for getting the bustle on the dancefloor. In's and out's provided alongside some creative arranging and extending for mixing purposes on this rare gem. All manner of funkin' flautism for 14 days on the download ...

The Pied Piper Of Funkingham - Clap Song (Harri's Edit)

Friday, July 27

Why Can't We Play Together?

This lad has been knocking out some great edits on the quiet recently. Based in Liverpool where he runs a little night called Playground, he's been perking up our ears here with a varied selection of soulful jams and reworkings. We've even got him up to Glasgow soon for a spot at our night and we're doing the return leg for him the week after. Who says things don't get done over the web!

Here's Andy's reworking of some classic Timmi Thomas. Check his myspace for more of his music.

Timmi Thomas - Why Can't We Live Together (Andy Ash Rework)

Tuesday, July 24


Released on Salsoul in 81', Logg knew you would and acquired the hands of the man Levan and Leroy Burgess for this classic disco sausage. I placed it on the edit barbecue a while back with a few slices and dubs for our floors.

Logg - I Know You Will (The Revenge Edit)

Friday, July 20

New Old Flavour

Continuing with the "thanks to all the fans for the support" vibes going on with the last post, here's some 320Kbps love in the form of one of my first ever re-edits completely overhauled, re-jigged, pimped, souped up, tracked out, (insert other generic term here), for your listening pleasure. It's my favourite 'Scream track, the rare-as-hens-teeth "Screamadelica" (it never made it onto the album of the same name). Originally produced during the the late 80's summer of love by Boys Own chappie Mr Andrew Weatherall (heard of him??), it's got a lovely slow 4/4 kick and early house sensibilities but at 96-odd BPM. For the edit I've tracked it up, speeded it up a bit, added some more kick, and generally set it through the OOFT! mangler so it's ready for noughties DJ action. Enjoy.

Primal Scream - Screamadelica (OOFT! Music Edit)

Tuesday, July 17

For Your Ears Only

Thanks to all who have supported our L.E.S.S. CD over the past week. There's only a few left of the first one through Five20East's store and a small number through Piccadilly Records Manchester (next week). This is the first CD in a series of 4 so don't sleep.

As a token of our appreciation, here are a couple of new reworks at 320kbps. The first is an extented re-imagining of Horace Andy's 'Skylarking' using a few other cheeky bits to make a slightly epic-electric thang. The second is a rework of the superb Michael McDonald track, 'I Keep Forgetting' twisted into that classic west-coast jam by Warren G & Nate Dogg, 'Regulate' (with a mid-tempo groove of course). Two that shouldn't really be touched ... but you know us! Good for getting the heads bobbing anyway ;) 14 days only at 320kbps.

Horace Andy - Skylarking (The Revenge Caribbean Sunrise Rework)
The Revenge - Funk On A Whole Nu Level

Thursday, July 5

Lower East Side Sound

Blood, sweat, tears and a 3rd degree studio tan are the side-effects of working on our new L.E.S.S. Productions CD Forever In Their Debt. It's pretty limited (100 numbered copies) and we've only sent a few out, but support has been strong from heavyweights like Domu (TrebleO), The Unabombers (Electric Chair), 7 Samurai (G.A.M.M.), Chris Duckenfield (SWAG) and more. It was intended as a DJ only promo disc and there are few left - we're selling the remainder through Five20East's online store and also through Piccadilly Records in Manchester (Mid July). The CD has high-quality versions of all the edits. Here's some 128kbp flavour in your ear for 14 days ...

Bob James - Storm King (Craig Smith & The Revenge Rework)
Tina Turner - Lets Stay Together (The Revenge Rework)
Marvin Gaye - Funky Space Reincarnation (OOFT Music Edit)
Willie Hutch - Brothers Gonna Work It Out (The Revenge Rework)
Aaliyah / The Specials - Rock The Rudy (DJ 2Three Mix)

Tuesday, July 3

Dub You More

A rework from a while back I found whilst trawling the vaults. It's a well thumbed classic which never seems to go away (probably because fools like me keep editing them). It's short and snappy at 4 mins so don't go for a piss while it's playing.

Rene & Angela - Love You More (The Revenge Rework)

Le Wildstyle

After the recent lack of posts on here I've started to delve back into my collection to pull out some overlooked, but much loved tracks that I've played over the past few years. First up we've got my favourite remix of a Daft Punk track ever, the wonderful "Wildstyle Edit" by Domenique Torti. Taking the original reel to reel method of editing by chopping up loads of loops and re-arranging the original track rather than doing a completely different song, this is pure deep dancefloor magic straight outta the '03...

Daft Punk - Voyager (Dominique Torti's Wildstyle Edit)

Monday, July 2

Dusty Street Tapes

Two dusty midtempo numbers from my Deportivo Street Team project. Although the DST stuff is a bit more boshing these days, we still occasionally find time to pitch it down and burn it out. Caught Up In The Stars was released last year on a Refo Recordings compilation and blends some live guitar with some ethereal, electronic swooping and swooshing. Pitched Down House Sound was written 5 years ago and has remained unreleased. It was the inspiration for my new midtempo stuff and is a strange concoction of cut-up horns, old-school piano and squelching electronic skullduggery running in at 11 mins. It was done in one take and I kept none of the parts so it is forever trapped in this ruff draft form.

Deportivo Street Team - Caught Up In The Stars
Deportivo Street Team - Pitched Down House Sound (Unreleased)

Thursday, June 21

Kashif! ... Bless You

This lad's work is often overlooked for bigger 80's soul / jazz-funk cats. Kashif has been credited for classics like Evelyn King's "Love Come Down" and George Benson's "Inside Love (So Personal)" (Which i managed to pick up on vinyl in a Spar shop strangely) along with many other classics by Melba Moore, Meli'sa Morgan, Howard Johnson .... He's now a software developer. Oh well.

Here's my extended re-imagining of one of his numbers. Slide onto the floor ... smooth' like.

Kashif - Help Yourself To My Love (The Revenge New Jersey Soul Mix)

Midtempo Mixing

Here's a little midtempo mix I knocked up a few weeks ago, when the first shards of the typical shitty Scottish summer started hitting. It's being kindly hosted by our friends over at Five20East, incidentally where the first proper OOFT EP is now available to purchase (that was pretty seemless linkage, don't you think?!) Anyway I digress, back to the mix: it's a pretty relaxed journey through some favourite midtempo tracks from recent OOFT DJ sets, featuring belters from the mighty Mark E, Elektrons, and JJ Cale as well as a few cheeky Five20East exclusives from The Revenge, Craig Smith, and yours truly. Have a cuppa, sit back and relax...


Lily Allen Feat. Wale - Smile (Mark Ronson DC Mix)
Mark E - Déjà vu
Elektrons - Be With You
JJ Cale - Ride Me High (Joakim Edit)
Mark E - Beat Down
The Eagles - One Of These Nights (The Revenge Rework)
Craig Smith & The Revenge - Let Yourself Go
Eddie Gale - Song Of Will (Jazzanova’s Rhythm Happening)
Karma - Beach Towel (I:Cube Cosmix Marathon Remix)
Outlines - Listen To The Drums (Jazzanova Remix / Dixon Edit)
OOFT Music - Betcha Wouldn’t (AliOOFT’s Version)
The Revenge - Got To Have Loving (The Revenge Pitch Down Rework)
Orbital Feat. Naomi B - Funny Break
Spiritcatcher - Space Crash

Ali's Summer Slow Down Mix

Get Yer Dub John

Since we're gearing up to festival time once again, I've been indulging my psychadelic side with some of the shows on Red Bull Music Academy's Radio. It makes for a darn good listen while you're trying to do more productive stuff.

Of special interest for me are Kirk Degorgio's 2 hour special on the legendary John Martyn who signed to Chris Blackwell's Island Records in the late 60's. If you are into music full-stop, this should stir something in you. Martyn's music is full of emotion and his technique for layering up guitar with loads of delay intensifies this. He collaborated with Lee 'Scratch' Perry on Martyn's One World album giving birth to a sound we probably identify more with Trip-Hop. Check 'Dancing' below for a taste of this legendary songwriter.

Checkout other great sessions from Quiet Village, Daz-I-Que, Jazzanova and The Elektrons.

Here's a dubby number I uncovered from Primal Scream's Echo Dek album produced by dub-king, Adrian Sherwood (On-U-Sound). Sherwood trips out the track 'Trainspotting' from Vanishing Point to make 'Last Train'. Well worth checking the whole album if you're into ya dub, ya get me?

Primal Scream - Last Train (Echo Dek Dub)

John Martyn - Dancing

Tuesday, June 19

Beware of the gypsy eyes

Ok folks, this is the beginning of some brand spanking new OOFT edits which will be appearing on the site over the next few weeks. This edit is a bit of a work-in-progress at the mo, taking Jimi Hendrix' classic "Gypsy Eyes" and subtly re-arranging it for super deejay use, hence the "Basic Edit" tag. I'm considering whether to leave it like this or whether to delve deeper and do a more electronic, stripped down version a la The Revenge. Comments would be appreciated!

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Gypsy Eyes (Aliooft's Basic Edit)

Wednesday, June 13

Gino Edit

A little beefed up discotool courtesy of Sub Club resident Harri, featuring the French-Canadian disco producer Gino Soccio. Looped, cut and shaken up for all the house and disco heads. 14 days and counting on the download ...

Gino Soccio - Harri's Edit

Tuesday, June 12

Spacek : The Vinyl Front Ear

This unofficial rework was given to me a good while ago but it has yet to leave my box / hard-drive. Both Chris Barker (Jigsaw Music) & JC (Cronk Family Enterprises) have produced material for Five20East Records recently and this compliments those tracks perfectly. Faithful to the original with that extra beach-house beat and a weighty b-line this should do it all over the floor and more.

Steve Spacek - Let The Dollar Circulate (Chris Barker & Jazzchops Rework)

BBQ Beats

Two soulful edits sent to us from a producer affiliated with one of the UKs best Nu Jazz & Broken Beat labels who wishes to remain anonymous. Perfect summertime, set-builders from the mighty N.E.R.D. and Bilal on a bottom-end bustin' tip. I can already smell that charcoal from the BBQ. "Yo! Throw another lobster on the grill and pass me a pina colada. Yeeah."

N.E.R.D Edit
Bilal Edit

Monday, June 11

Down Under Thunder

As we're now in the midst of a typical tropical Scottish summer, filled with blistering heat one minute and torrential rain the next, I thought i'd present you with a great little balearic mix from a young lad in Australia to dry the sweat and tears. Gareth has put together a great little selection in this mix which ends with one of my favourite Change tracks. Sit back, skin up and slip away.

Tracklist :

Belladonna (Tangoterje Edit) – Andreas Vollenweider
Brothers Gonna Work It Out (The Revenge Rework) – Willie Hutch
Love Endeavour (Maurice Fulton Remix) – Alice Smith
Getting Over – Kool Kyle
We Got The Funk – Positive Force
Running Away – Roy Ayers
Freak On – Lemon
Theme From Black Belt Jones – Dennis Coffey
The Sound Table – Cameo
Rock The Beat – Jamaica Girls
Hold Tight (Danny Krivit Re-Edit) - Change

Gareth's Greasy Listening Mix

Thursday, June 7

I Can't Help It Captain, I Don't Have The Powerrrr!

Here's a brand new Hiphop edit - take some Arrested Development drums, a C.L. Smooth Acapella, layer up some tinkly synth lines for a bass and lead (a la Terje, Thomas et al), and here's what you get. Bam!

C.L. Smooth - I Can't Help It (Ali's Rework)

Friday, June 1

Funky New Incarnation

After the Revenge's scorching edit of of "Heavy Love Affair" (previously posted on here), we've got the slightly lower bitrate copy of my edit of "Funky Space Reincarnation". It will appear on a very limited edition edits CD titled "Forever in Their Debt" which should be available from Piccadilly Records in Manchester, Juno, and also at the Five20East Records online boutique in the next couple of weeks. Plenty of the original song in this one, just tracked up for Deejay usage.

Marvin Gaye - Funky Space Reincarnation (Ali's Funky Dub Reincarnation)

Thursday, May 24

Omar S(harif?)

The newest guy from Detroit to name drop when you're acting cool is this guy - Omar S aka Alex O. Smith aka DJ Snotburger(!). Doing the old hand written 12"s a la Abe Duque and making some rough, heavy detroit house and techno records means he's fast becoming spoken of in the same breath as Moodymann, Theo Parrish et al. This track is his latest release (with the man Parrish on live percussion), which in its original arrangement is a live wig out of heavy synths moving around a single, simple chord pattern. The 12" which I bought actually plays backwards i.e. the start of the tune is at the centre of the record and it plays out towards the rim. Great! What a cool way to press a record! Two words - cueing up. Not easy when your fingers are 2mm away from bashing the needle off into the ether. So this edit is in short, an easy, DJ friendly version, oh and with a smattering of spoken word vocal over the top which I'm still not sure about so I may take it back out at a later date. Should get us all in the mood for guest DJ Jimpster at our monthly OOFT! club night on saturday. Roll on the weekend!

Wednesday, May 16

Can You Feel The Love?

A little party classic from the archives here. Must have done this 8 or 9 years ago which is crazy to think. A decade of editing! Let's face it, there's no shame in mixing up two stone-cold club classics with a horny horn for those mid-summer BBQs. If nothing else, it'll get the girls to appreciate Larry Heard who done a great talk for Red Bull Music Academy here. Legend.

Mr Fingers / Candi Staton - Can You Feel The Love (The Revenge Mix)

Thursday, May 10

Mr Mister, what's that edit?

This time its the turn of 80's pop rock icons Mr Mister to get the midtempo dubbed-out re-edit treatment. Not too much of the original song in there apart from the blinding instrumental section in the middle. Late night 116 BPM action all the way.

Mr Mister - Broken Wings (Ali's Dubbed-out Re-edit)

Tuesday, May 8

Small Change

Here's a classic Change track that i re-edited a while ago. Minus the verses and a little bit dubbed out for the dancefloor. For an insight into this incredible band check here.

Change - Don't Wait Another Night (The Revenge Edit)

Monday, April 30

Moodymann gets a workover...

Right, lets keep this short and sweet. I received my copy of the brand spanking new Moodymann 12" on KDJ late last week and thoroughly expected to be blown away after all the hype saying "return to form", "back at his best" etc. etc. And I was. Sort of. It's a great piece of Jazzy house but I couldn't see myself playing it. That thought is the usual trigger for firing up Ableton and getting a track into some sort of DJ-friendly arrangement. So that's what I did. Bam!

Moodymann - Technologystolemyvinyle (Ali's DJ Friendly Edit)

Wednesday, April 25

Re-Edit The Wind

This picture was taken when Bobby finally realised that it wasn't a saxophone the engineer had given him, it was indeed a guitar. Cheap trick. Anyway, It's a mighty riff on a well thumbed classic from a true master - Bobby Womack. Dubbed out a bit for your disco-jockeying pleasure on a 14 day download.

Bobby Womack - Inherit The Wind (The Revenge Rework)