Wednesday, February 25

OOFT Radio 24/2/09 - Doubt Of The Fly Gene

Our first FM broadcast for Subcity this year, so a selection of fairly accessible tuneage for anyone in Glasgow that stumbled across the broadcast during drive-time ;)

Check it again:

OOFT Radio - Doubt Of The Fly Gene

1. Eddie C - Get Down [CDR]
2. Peter Bjorn & John - Nothing To Worry About [Wichita]
3. Theo Parrish - The Rink (The Revenge Edit) [CDR]
4. Harri & The Revenge - Rocky Mountain Drifter [Five20East]
5. Toto - Georgy Porgy (OOFT Rework) [L.E.S.S. Productions]
6. The Chi-Lites - Are You My Woman? (Tell Me So) [Brunswick]
7. OOFT - Just Come To Me [CDR]
8. Adonis - The Poke [Westside]]
9. D'Julz - Sulo (Manuel Tur Remix) [Dessous Classics]
10. Sebastien San - Thunder [Echocord Colour]
11. INXS - Learn To Fly (OOFT Edit) [CDR]
12. The Revenge - Unfinished Edits Are Out Of My Hands [Jisco]

Tuesday, February 24

Parrish Jams

Our mate Tommi Partanen from Hellsinki sent over this jam session he had with Theo Parrish in a studio last weekend.

Do It To The Minimum

A quick tracklisting for Part Two of the Instruments Of Rapture series due out on 12" vinyl in March. We'll also do a post later in the week about volume 9 in the L.E.S.S. Productions series. Ears peeled ...

Instruments Of Rapture : Part Two

A1. 6th Borough Project - Do It To The Max
B1. 6th Borough Project - Just A Memory
B2. 6th Borough Project - Planets (The Revenge Lost Groove)

Monday, February 23

Record Of The Week

We're pleased to say that the new Death On The Highway release got House Record Of The Week in Piccadilly Records Manchester aswell as Essential New Tune at Phonica London.

Thanks again for all your support ;)

Thursday, February 19

Low Life & The Social Magic Moments

Here are a few of the kodak memories from last weekends jaunt to The Social and Low Life in London. Our mate Emma's Big Issue costume had to be one of the best of the evening, even managing to fool the security staff enough to almost get her thrown out. She made a few quid though. On the plus side, I ended up with somebody else's shoe in my bag? All in a weekend's work.

And with not too many 'beer-induced-horse-falling-down-stairs' moments ... Here's The Revenge set from Low Life

Wednesday, February 18

Rocky Mountain Snifter

Our latest release on Five20East will be available through a few stores on Monday 23rd February (Already available on pre-order from Piccadilly Records). It's a big release for us as it represents almost 10 years of putting out music in one form or another. We'll be getting an updated Five20East online store soon with more exclusive new products. In the meantime, here's a taster of another one of the tracks from the E.P.

192kbps for 7 days only

Harri & The Revenge - Rocky Mountain Drifter

OOFT Radio 17/2/09 - Pickled Highway

Our latest edition of OOFT! Radio with more edits than you can shake an editing stick at followed by some deepness and exclusives ... Ride upstream.

Listen here : Get OOFT! Radio - Pickled Highway

1. Hardway Bros - A Diabolical Liberty [History Clock]
2. Situation Edit - Pushin' On [Disco Deviance]
3. Kay Gees - Hustle With Every Muscle (The Revenge Edit) [CDR]
4. 6th Borough Project - Just A Memory [Instruments Of Rapture]
5. Teenage DJ - C'mon You Can Get It [GW Edit]
6. David James - All Right [CDR]
7. Discreet Unit - Unit 01 [Prime Numbers]
8. Moodymanc - V8 (Original Mix) [20:20 Vision]
9. Craig Smith & The Revenge - The Soul Part II (John Daly Remix) [CDR]
10. Eddie C - Big Freak [CDR]
11. Casanova - Coffee [De-Lite]
12. Andy Ash - Night [Five20East]

Tuesday, February 10


Neither of us could make it to our weekly Radio show on this week, but it might have actually been a blessing in disguise as it let the listeners hear the latest OOFT DJ Mix, lovingly put together for the grand chaps over at Head on over for tracklist and download action...

PS From the 24th of February we'll be broadcasting our show live across Glasgow on 106.6 FM for a whole month. So if you live in the area then get the wireless tuned in for 4pm on Tuesdays ;)

Monday, February 9

Love Weekend

We're gearing up for an impending weekend of solid love. If you are out and about in either Glasgow or London this Thursday, Friday or Saturday you can catch us pimping our passion at the following establishments :

Thursday 12th Feb :
Sideshow @ The Research Club
with Bicep & Real Live Clive

Friday 13th Feb :
Blaze Of Glory @ The Social
with Ben Terry & Matty J (Tirk)

Saturday 14th Feb :
Lowlife @ Corsica Studios
with Prins Thomas (Full Pupp)
& Bill Brewster, Emma Chibuku plus more ...

Friday, February 6

A Fitting Post

We're mighty pleased that the test pressings have arrived back for the new Death On The Highway 12" and they're sounding "deep and beefy" (to quote Greg Wallace). Here's a 192kbps 7 day only exclusive for you of the new Cronk Family Enterprises track that will appear on the 12".

Cronk Family Enterprises - The Fitting Room

Thursday, February 5

Getting Warmer

Here's a new mix I squeezed out for the guys over at Warm ...

The Revenge - Get Warm Mix

1. James Brown - Dead On It (U-Tern Edit) - CDR
2. Isaac Hayes - Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile (Harri & The Revenge Edit) - CDR
3. Toby Tobias - Serious - CDR
4. Rick Wilhite - Ruby Nights (Gilb-r Solo Flight remix) - Third Ear
5. Brother D with Collective Effort - Dib-Be-Dib-Be-Dize (Harri Edit) (Recut) - CDR
6. Black Ivory - Mainline (The Revenge Edit) - CDR
7. The Revenge - Get Up On It - Five20East
8. Andy Ash - Mason In My Basin - L.E.S.S.
9. Popular People's Front - My Baby Stays Out All Night - PPF
10. Andy Ash - Night - Five20East
11. Marius Varied - Disco Drummer - Maxi Discs
12. Craig Smith & The Revenge - Miss World - CDR
13. The Revenge - It's Your Hangover - CDR
14. Leroy Hanghofer - Pin - Gomma
15. The Mole - Knock Twice - Wagon Repair
16. Shahrokh Sound Of K - Love Happens - Compost Black
17. Craig Smith & The Revenge - The Soul Part II - CDR
18. KLF - 3am Eternal - KLF Communications

Wednesday, February 4

OOFT Radio 3/2/09 - Lukewarm Intent

New trax from Eddie C, Hot Coins, ourselves, Deep Space Orch and an awesome house cut from Mr White on this weeks hour of listening delight ;)

1. Eddie C - High on Love [CDR]
2. Tayreeb - Dual Core [Stereotree]
3. Rogue Cat - Magic Journey [Tiny Sticks]
4. Keep The Secrets - Nightlife [Universal Vibes]
5. Deep Space Orchestra - City Streets [Five20East]
6. Joubert Singers - Stand On The Word (Hot Coins Remix) [Tirk]
7. Andy Ash - Mason In My Basin [L.E.S.S.]
8. War - Me And Baby Brother (OOFT Edit) [CDR]
9. Alexandra Parade - Barneys Bubbles [Autodiscotheque]
10. Lars Bartkuhn - Goodbye Dancing Hello God (Arto Mwambe Remix) [Sonar Kollektiv]
11. Mr White - Inside Your Mind (This Hous Is Home) [Black Market Intl]
12. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Frontin' [20:20 Vision]
13. A:xus - Suite Disappointment (James Teej Dub) [Rebirth]

Tuesday, February 3

Deep Space Orchestra

It may be thick with snow on your driveways, but from the farthest corner of the galaxy, a faint radio signal has reached our planet in the form of righteous rhythms and jellyfied basslines sliced through with solar string sections and distant voices ... I'm tripping yes ... but this only makes it better.

Satellite towns around the north of England and the odd joint are as close as they get to space, but Chris Barker and Si Murray's latest project Deep Space Orchestra has been slowly burning a hole in my hard drive since it arrived. One of their little space odysseys, City Streets, features on the new Five20East 12", Death On The Highway, due out in a couple of weeks and they have plenty more in store.

Here's some 192 action for 14 days until the 12" arrives ...

Deep Space Orchestra - City Streets

Sunday, February 1


Echoing The Revenge's previous post about the lack of tracks on the blog of late - here's a quick edit of a perennial favourite, War's Me and Baby Brother, extended for your disc jockeying pleasure ;)

War - Me and Baby Brother (OOFT Edit)

PS Yes there's been loads of mixes of late on here but if you still can't get enough I've put together an exclusive pitch-down mix for the chaps over at with a few exclusives on it. Head on over...