Saturday, August 29

Tomorrow's Festivities

If anyone in Glasgow or London is heading out tomorrow you can catch The Revenge at Craig Richards & Jamie Jones' new night "Shoplifter" at the new T Bar down in the big smoke.

Locals can catch AliOOFT at the Sunday Circus all-dayer at the Courtyard in Glasgow city-centre.

Best have a good breakfast methinks, as it'll be a long day!

Wednesday, August 26

Part Four

Ilija Rudman has provided the ammunition for number four in the Instruments Of Rapture series due out at the end of September. There's a Revenge mix and a 6th Borough Project mix too.

We'll have some more info in the next week or two.

Tuesday, August 25

(Com)pressing Matters

I was on a short holiday over the weekend and picked up a copy of the new issue of Sound On Sound magazine for the flight to Viva Espana. It turns out it was a good thing I did as the main feature was a great article on the use of audio compression, which is always seen as a bit of a black art to anyone (such as myself) who has never had any formal audio training.
So if you've every wondered about what compressors to use in a specific situation, or worried about messing around with attack/release times and the like grab yourself a copy now. Article taster link below...

Sound On Sound Audio Compression Article

Proton Radio Mix

A little mix I did recently for a new show on Proton Radio. The mix from one of the hosts Zhino is up here too ...

Monday, August 24

RJA03 : Harri

This one just missed the beginning of our podcast series and I figured it would be a crime not to give it more exposure as it was received so well. So here's the man like Harri doing what he does so well ...

Friday, August 21


Mark's new one is just out on Under The Shade ... it's a belter.

The Weekend : London / Dundee

Craig Smith will be holding it down with an extra special set at Soulful Beats Summer Party Part II tommorow from 9pm until midnight at the Garden Bar, London W10. The party kicks of in earnest at 2pm with BBQ and support from DJs Matt Hughes, Neil Maclean, Mickey Blanco and Powdersoul. Expect carnage ...

I'll be venturing north to Dundee for the infamous Autodisco party tommorow night. Support from the Disco Deviance massive in the most excellent Reading Rooms.

Soulful Beats Summer Party Part II
Saturday 22nd August
Garden Bar
41 Bramley Rd
London, W10 6SZ
020 72291111

Saturday 22nd August
The Reading Rooms

Tuesday, August 18

You Tell 'Em Jeff

The Jazzmaster himself extolling the virtues of Ableton in this video, and who are we to disagree?

Monday, August 17


Part two of our new weekly Ruff Jamz podcast is available now. It's a live recording of us at Solar Disco last weekend. No tracklist I'm afraid.

Beyond Senses

Harri and myself put together a remix for "And If" on Rebirth Records in Italy recently. All handclaps, string bits and boingy bass. There's a tasty Dave Pezzner workout on there too. Out today and ROTW at Piccadilly ...

Saturday, August 15

4Trac Reggae Specials

Our buddy, DJ 2Three set up his own limited 7" project 4Trac recently. The first release received Piccadilly's Record Of The Week last week. Check it oot ...

Tuesday, August 11

The Future

Yes! I've got this kinda thing to look forward to in a couple of years :)

Ruff Jamz Podcast Relaunch

Due to the amount of good mixes we've been hearing lately, we have just relaunched our Ruff Jamz podcast (previously available through Five20East) on a new server. We'll be sporadically bringing you some of our favourite mixes and of course we'd be interested in you getting some of your own mixes over to us if you reckon they can meet the grade.

The first mix is from Neville's Disco (aka Paul Thompson & Paul Barton), and it's a great little chilled out number to get us back on our feet again.

** A quick note : you'll need to re-subscribe to the new podcast through i-tunes if you had already subscribed to the old one **

Sunday, August 9

Keeping Talley

I've been listening to this supa-deep mix by Detroit Beatdown veteran, Norm Talley over and over again recently. Originally posted by Lee Bolton who recorded them for his radio show in Pittsburg, it's are a great example of a legend at work. There is also a disco mix which is great too.

American Heart Remixes

We've been busy finishing a few more remixes for Music For Dreams America. There's dub and vocal versions of this one for Bliss on the same EP, featuring the enigma that is Boy George. We left out the A-Team samples.

Wednesday, August 5

Interviewing Edward

Great little interview and mix on the most excellent Sleazy Beats with our pal Eddie C ...

Tuesday, August 4

Fragmented Dreams

For lover's of the extended remix ... my versions for Kenneth Bager's Fragment One track will be out soon on double 12" vinyl through Music For Dreams America. The digital version is out at the moment with more mixes.

Monday, August 3

OOFT @ Solardisco

This Saturday 8th August, Brunswick Hotel in Glasgow ...

Revenge Advisor

Another mix to while away those long summer nights ...