Thursday, April 5

Get Some Henney

Jesus! Trying to keep up with The Revenge on his all too frequent posting schedule is proving tough. I've had to go back, way back into my digital vaults to try and find some stuff worthy of the OOFT bloggers. And here's the first fruits of my labour (labour: read clicking the mouse on my lappy a few times), a streched edit of my favourite track from Riton's "Homies and Homos" Album. It's a midtempo electro workout which is funky as hell. Enjoy

Riton - Henney (Ali's Stretched Edit)

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SFB said...

Excellent Blog! Found your blog while checking out my other favorite, American Athlete. I've got one of my own blogs and DJ on the slide. Since I'm a lappy DJ using Abelton and Torq, I want to get my hands hand on the higher bitrate (320kbs)tracks on your site. Many are re-edits and prob. hard to find. I'll trade, purchase, or whore myself out...whatever you prefer. Excellent blog. I'm linkin it to mine...keep in touch. You can reach me on my contact info on my blog.