Monday, August 13

Lost Edits

E.Z.Duit from the Give Me Aural blog got me thinking about what other edits may be lurking down the back of the sofa. Along with a few pieces of outdated currency and plenty of non-corresponding sections of Digestive biscuit, there were a few scraggy C-90's with a bizzare collection of edits. Most have well thumbed accapellas / rhythm tracks etc but a few are probably still playable in some context today. Made on an old Akai S1000 and an MPC-60 They range from hip-hop right up to more pounding electronic stuff. Remember : most are over 5 years old. Nuff said.

Here's they are ...

Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (The Revenge Mix)
MAW - To Be In Love (The Hong Kong Micros Broken Mix)
Donnell Jones - You Know Whats Up (Grizzle Remix)
Bellwinch - Cheap Knob Gags (The Revenge Rework)
Odyssey - Native New Yorker (The Revenge Dub)
FC Kahuna & Rhythm Is Rhythm - Strings Of Glitter (The Revenge Rinse-out)
Isolee & Whitney - Wanna Bump With Somebody (The Revenge Rinse-out)
Blackstreet - No Diggity (The Revenge Rework)


e.z.duzit said...

Thanks guys, just checked out the Billy edit, and it ain't too bad for something that's been gathering dust.

Anonymous said...

any way we can get a re-up?