Wednesday, February 13

Nu Shizz

February brings a brand new bag of releases on the Five20East store. Edits, broken beat, house and some classic garage. Great feedback so far from Jimpster, Atjazz, Mark E, Pete Herbert, Simbad, Stu Patterson and more. There's also our OOFT podcast here. Here's a few tasters of the nu shizz for 14 days...

Chris Barker - Tell Em'
The Hong Kong Micros - How Long? (Original Mix)
The Revenge - Need (OOFT Music Remix)


Anonymous said...

Top stuff as usual. All over the Chris Barker stuff at the moment, just included 'The Deez' in my new mix. Keep up the tremendous work mate, the Five20East store is becoming one of my first places to check for tunes now. Stu

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support Stu ;)