Wednesday, September 24

For The Love Of Vinyl

Not sure if any of you caught this short documentary on one man's struggle against the state of the vinyl industry by Sean Dunne. Well put together and food for thought in times of change.


Anonymous said...

I mean, I love music, and i trully understand what the matter is...

But how do you want to explain it to people who don't give a damn...and the problem is that people don't raise their children, i mean, if you want the knowledge to be spread, you got to learn your whildren what was, what is and what will be.

Nowadaysn the parents just cares about money. and they don't care a thing about culture...

sad, too sad...gonna share this video with a lot of friends and a lot of people can tell you.

though i can't buy it, i really support this man and trully love him.


Anonymous said...

We hear ya bruv - stay strong ;)