Monday, November 10

Night Flight On Jisco

It's out now if you fancy some Pitched Down House Sounds for your floors ... ;)

Record Of The Week in Piccadilly
Essential New Record in Phonica


mcgee said...

Superb record, good to see this out. Let us know when Heavy Love Affair hits the shops as well :)

Anonymous said...

Ace Record!!

I get goose bumps everytime the vocal comes in.

dalestephen said...

yet again you guys raise the bar,
amazing tunes, w' stevie wonder just a killer mix

respect from OZ

Anonymous said...

Spot on track, up there with one of my favourites of the year. When that Stevie vocal drops... goosebumps! Love it

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support peeps ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh this is a great tune, but looks like I am a few days you know where I can pick up this 12??

Anonymous said...

Hi mate - I think it's sold out most places but there's a few more copies winging their way to Piccadilly & Phonica very soon I'm told.

Mertz said...

Can I ask who did your mastering for the vinyl? In particular for Night Flight.

I know vinyl will always sound better than a 192k mp3, but this is some of the richest sounding vinyl I've heard in a very long while. There are quiet melodies and little drum patterns that were imperceptible on the mp3, but just nicely compliment that full bass on wax.

Great job. Absolutely my tune of the year.

Anonymous said...

Hi mate

Thanks -I do my own mastering.

The 192kbps is always really a listenable promo which is only a fraction of the digital master (which is used for the vinyl).

G ;)

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