Monday, May 11

Last Rites

Apologies for the lateness posting up the radio episodes this year but we've both been busy with work and family business, and its been hard to make it in to do the show never mind doing all the associated posts!
Get our last (ever?) broadcast on Subcity below. We're currently thinking about how to continue regular broadcasts on the site, and may end up doing a monthly podcast direct from here - more soon.

1. Tracy Thorne - Raise The Roof (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Remix) [New State Rec]
2. Bullion - Young Heartache [One-Handed]
3. Capracara - King Of The Witches (Rub N Tug Remix) [DFA]
4. Hot Chocolate - Disco Queen (Vins V Edit) [CDR]
5. Precious System - Voice From Planet Love [Running Back]
6. Mervin Granger - Silhouette (Esa's Rebleep) [Refo]
7. Jimpster - The Kind Of Girl [Freerange]
8. Poussez - Back From Vacation (Nacho Marco Remix) [Blacksoul]
9. Craig Smith & Ricky Reid - Kiss The World [CDR]
10. The Cure - Lets Go To Bed (OOFT Edit) [CDR]
11. Rove Dogs - Why Don't You Answer? [Mindless Boogie]


jelky said...

a monthly podcast is a great idea

Anonymous said...

Is there really any need to post that picture. Very bad form - no need at all.

Anonymous said...

Point taken - bad choice.

Aliooft said...

Sorry for any offence - I assumed that pic was from a movie but now realise it wasn't... :(

Anonymous said...

No sweat, no harm done.

Keep up the good work.