Friday, June 19

Twoo Sugars Please

One of the many new friends I met in Oz was Driller Jet Armstrong (real name) who runs a fantastic night at Sugar in Adelaide aswell as being an acomplished artist, sunglasses collector and attending to his pet owl. He gave me a couple of his mixes to take home with me - a great northern soul one and this tripped out mid-tempo selection.

If you're ever in Adelaide it'd be a mistake not to take a trip to the club which has played host to Idjut Boys, Greg Wilson, Brennan Green and is doing a special Horse Meat Disco party on July 4th to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the gay rights movement.

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MKM said...

I really liked the mid-tempo mix. A tracklist would have been superb. I would love to know the name of the track he mixed into "Do It To The Max."