Monday, July 27

Wogan Chic

Thought this was a great comment and associated picture by Slutty Fringe about the new Major Lazer release ...

"Perhaps the most striking thing about the Major Lazer project for Slutty Fringe is Switch’s current penchant for printed shirts, flat caps and Wogan esque decisions in the pant department"


Aliooft said...

There's a few belters on their myspace page, looks like they've been delving deep into Norman Jay's wardrobe for the Shots ;)

Mertz said...

Rave Taylor has never really photographed well (I swear DJ Fame blackmailed his way onto dubsided because that single was terrible, but Fame had some AWFUL looking photos of Switch all Raved Out).

But yeah.. looking cracked out is one thing... that bulge is quite another. Not a good look! LOL