Friday, September 11

Right On Point

Got this 12" today from one of my fave producers. Been heavily bumping the B-side track Truly for a while now (as anyone who's listened to the recent OOFT mixes will testify), but the title track trumps it - just a beautiful piece of emotional electronic dance music. Both are easy contenders for tunes of the year at OOFT towers.



Andy A said...

Such a great tune!

Unknown said...

Truly is the one for me but it's vacuum boogie that will destroy the B-bar dance floor at Southport...if he plays it of course?!
He's up there with Reggie Dokes for me!

chris keys said...

fantastic tuneage

JM said...

One of my faves so far this year. The whole of this EP and 'Love Me Like This' from earlier in the year.