Monday, October 5

Competition : HTIKM

New House imprint, Home Taping Is Killing Music, is just about to launch with a double 12" single from myself (with a supadeep Red Rack'em remix on the first one) and follow up material from some top notch producers (I've heard Chris Duckenfield's ... and it's a belter).

We've got one test pressing to give away to the first person to answer this completely unrelated question correctly ... (remember to include your email address with your answer).

Q : Name the dog from Fraggle Rock.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nice one - but you forgot your email address. ;)

peace flaps said...

sorry - bit of a groggy monday morning

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ... you still haven't left it?

Rockers said...


peace flaps said...

ffs! lol

thought it maight have left it when i used the google option.

addy =