Thursday, November 12

Some kind of Karizma

Quick interview to sort out the men from the boys...


Eddie C said...

*sigh* I could watch knowledgeable heads speak on this subject forever. Some dude asked me for some "hair metal" last weekend and his girlfriend goes "no no, he's only playing records, think 'vinyl'"

Andy A said...

hahaha, feel the same way... "in one ear and out the other"

Aliooft said...

What Eddie, you DON'T play hair metal??
Vinyl is a good barrier I think - because I use serato I tend to get folk telling me to downlaod something on the spot, as in "are you going to play anything good? well can you not download the new robbie williams on the computer? no?? how not?? seriously??? I don't believe you"
Hmmm, doing it for the love eh...

14 November 2009 12:26

PJ said...

Dude: DO you have any GYPSY KINGS?

ME: No, sorry

dude: What? how is that possible? Can't you just download it?

Me: Sorry, no, i can't.

Dude: I have it on my I-POD

Me: Its not gonna happen buddy.

Dude: I'll pay you $20 to plug in my I-pod and play Bamboleo!

Me: Sorry.

Dude: You are a fucking ass hole.


Toronto, Canada, Friday, 13th, November 2009