Wednesday, January 27

Fresh Jam

New mix by Craig Smith on Cyberjamz ...


mannen said...


Sleazy Beats said...

man that edit of Dexter Wansel is sick! Any idea who's behind that one?

Anonymous said...

Here's the tracklist guys ...

1. Sweetest Change - MomTom
2. Wake Up - Bobby Burton
3. Paddlin' (Version 2) - Tornado Wallace
4. Seventh Disco - Greymatter
5. Fresh Noodles - Mr Scruff & Kaidi Tatham
6. Look What Your Doing To Me (MCDE Remix) - Jazzanova feat Phonte
7. Never Gonna (Superbreak Dub) - Crazy P
8. Falling - I:Cube
9.Call Me (The Revenge 1-800- Remix) - Illya Rudman
10. The Girls Say (Greg Wilson Edit) - Groove Armada
11. Roller Skating (DJ Butcher Get Down Dub) - Vaughan Mason
12. Ride Into The Redzone - Ooft
13. If There's A Cure (Kenny's Ride) - Jeep Style
14. Reckless With Your Love - Azari & III
15. Sometimes I Cry (Radio Slave Mix) - Mr G
16. From Here To Eternity - G Dubs
17. Livin' In The Music - Rainer Trueby
18. Got It - Motor City Drum Ensemble
19. Give You Up (Chez A Little Bit More Mix) - Willie Graff & Tuccilo
20. No Compromise - Blak N Spanish
21. Remember Me (Demo Mix) - Soul Renegades
22. Let Them Come - Dan Electro

Anonymous said...

Hey! I used that Obama clip 8 months ago... He's totally biting my steeze yo! ;)
Nice mix!!!
I'll echo sleazybeats comment, any idea of where/how one might get a copy? Public release?

King Haakon said...


Loving the slo-mo yet twisted disco edit house stuff you, Craig Smith and others are putting out (Mark E etc.) Real quality.

My clubbing days are a bit behind me - or so I thought. Any idea of good boozers / club nights in Edinburgh or Glasgow that play your sort of stuff?

Need to get back out there!

Any nods in the right direction much appreciated...

Kata Paulin said...

wonderful mix!

Unknown said...

@ King Haakon

SolarDisco, brunswick hotel on 13th Feb

Melting Pot @Admiral bar, 6th Feb

Ooft boys do the ivy bar in west end and also mamasan in town. details on here somewhere.

deco said...

Hi, I think there's little mistake in tracklist. Nr 9 is Charles Mann - Sho Nuff (Superbreak Edit).

Anyway, your music is GREAT! Thank you.

King Haakon said...


Magic, cheers mate!

Shaddy said...

2. Wake Up - Bobby Burton
3. Paddlin' (Version 2) - Tornado Wallace

where are these to monsters are coming out?

Anonymous said...

whats that accapella

never let you go and love you cos your mine and il never let you go ?

Mike O'Mara said...
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