Monday, February 15

Part Five Soon Come

Sometime in March we'll have Part Five on Instruments Of Rapture available. It'll be released in conjuction with our first official 6th Borough Project gig at East Village in London on March 13th 2010.

Tracklist :

A1 : Slow Down Baby
B1 : Closer
B2 : Stratus Quo


alex said...

i like the sound of this..!

prld said...

can't wait for this one to released got all the other ^^

Anonymous said...

Any previews/samples for this record? Exciting man, all the IOR records are at the very front of the bag

Jimmy said...

Excellent. So pleased to see 'Closer' getting a release. :-)

prognition said...

If it's anything like every other release Instruments have put out, it'll be the best record I've bought in a while. :)

Unknown said...

nice, will be in london that night! playing the night before at corsica. come around if ur not touring around the world!

huge hangover last sunday. thank you.