Tuesday, March 16

RJA15 : Craig Smith

Our man from the East comes correct with the hotly anticipated 6th Borough Blend Part II.

Craig’s first 6th Borough blend brought this legendary scottish DJ's take on the emerging pitch down house sound to the masses, further cementing his reputation as one of the best DJs north of the border. Now everyone is in for another treat as there's over two and a half hours worth of funked-up, pitched-down goodness to savor as part II finally drops. dopeness galore!

Sorry - No Tracklist

RJA15 : Craig Smith


MKM said...

Oh hell yes!

prld said...

what a set:D naaiss!!

watson said...

Thats really, really good. nice one!

Akazi said...

Sweet mother of holy Jebus!
Thank Youu!!

Unknown said...

wow, deluxe! love the cut at 00:46:00, "you're a special lady" - will this be out at any time?

Anonymous said...

Tracklist ...

1. No Jose Part 1 ( The Revenge Remix) - Ron Basejam
2. Return Of The Duff (Dub) - Duff Disco
3. Easy Money (Todd Terje Edit) - Dee Dee Sharpe
4. One Dope Samba (Demo Mix) - 6th Borough Project
5. Ain't Nobody ( The Revenge Rework) - Alex Wilson
6. McLovin' - 6th Borough Project
7. More Love - LTJ Experience
8. Darlin' (Demo Mix) - Soul Renegades
9. Closer - 6th Borough Project
10. Burside (SuperBreak Edit) - Fred Cherry
11. Stratus Quo - 6th Borough Project
12. Holdin' On For Love (Tornado Wallace Rework) - Surface
13. Paddlin' - Tornado Wallace
14. Jump Up In The Air (Dub) - Todd Terry
15. Night people (6th Borough Love Rub) - Illya Rudman
16. Dangerzone (Souled Edit) - Midnight Express
17. One Of Those Nights (The Revenge Edit) - Billy Ocean
18. Keep On Dancin' - Jayson Brothers
19. Exodus - Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco 20. Feel up (The Revenge Rework) - Grace Jones
21. Deep Cover - Dirt Crew
22. Breaking Bad - Art Of Tones
23. Da Boogie (Demo Mix) - 6th Borough Project
24. Club Lonley (Shield Edit) - Lil' Louis 25. P.A.R.T.Y. - Soul Minority
26. Fire Below - Runaway
27. Feel the reel (Souled Edit) - Adrenalin
28. Erotic booty - Yorkshire Rapper
29. Bra (Deep & Spacey Edit) - Cymande

drumblius said...

Thanks for the traclist

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