Friday, June 4

Are People Real?

Here's a new mix for the Are People Real podcast. Previous guest mixes have included Runaway, Crazy P, In Flagranti, Allez Allez and more so it's in good company ;)

itunes link: Are People Real Vol. 54 - OOFT

PS the OOFT mix starts around 25 mins ;)


NK said...

thanks for the mix.

But Id like to reciprocate... are you guys real?

What about us lameasses that dont wanna sign up to apple itunes?

Anonymous said...

nice mix.. tracks id? tnx in advance !

Aliooft said...

Here you go:

1. Trujillo - Baby You're Still The Same
2. The Jones Girls - Nights Over Egypt
3. Toby Tobias - The Feeling (I:Cube Remix)
4. Trickski - Sunbeams
5. Johnwaynes - Falling Leaves (SDC Remix)
6. Burnt Island Casuals - Scotch Hop
7. Tone Theory Vs. Oneiro - Sh!!! (T.T. Remix)
8. OOFT! - Yeah
9. Dreamer G - I Got That Feeling
10. Marcello Napoletano - House Is Freedom
11. In Flagranti - Reputation Or Notoriety
12. Lovebirds - My Man (Kink Remix)
13. Kink - E79
14. Rezkar - Above The Clouds (John Daly Remix)
15. Mash - Somebodys Property (OOFT! Dub)
16. Virgo - Never Want To Lose You
17. Blaze - Lovelee Dae (Carl Craig Mix)

NK - yes I can confirm that we are, in fact, real ;) Not sure if the Are People Real guys are hosting anywhere else...check their myspace/website


Marsmellows said...

no chance without crapple itunes...:-/

addy-f said...

there is a chance

Aliooft said...

Thanks Addy ;)

addy-f said...

right mouse click on player save video as...