Tuesday, July 20

Givin' It Away

The kind chaps from Death On The Balcony have given us this cheeky little nugget for y'all. Clocking in at 118bpm it's a bit of a 80s Disco chugger. Nice ;)

If you're in the vicinity don't forget to check out their monthly Throwback nights in Leeds with some stellar guests lined up over the rest of the year.

Downloads will be limited as usual to 14 days.

Death On The Balcony - Don't Give It Away (DOTB Edit)


Sandrahess said...

That would be the good article certainly made this segment amazing. And then all pictures are really great. Keep it up!


douglas fiorotto said...

super thanks for link. very nice track and great bassline

Unknown said...

Nice music! Thanks @Sandra for sharing concerti.tv