Wednesday, November 10

RJA26 : Andy Ash

Coming thick and fast till the end of the year we've got several great new mixes ready. Next up is Andy Ash fresh from dropping his debut Foto Recordings EP

Hailing from Liverpool Andy first pricked up the ears at OOFT towers several years ago with some stunning material including his Barry White rework which we released on L.E.S.S. Productions. Since then he's continued to wow us with releases on Still Love For Music and Universal Vibes, with more new material forthcoming on Jacques Renaults On The Prowl Recordings, so ears peeled. The mix demonstrates his decknical talent with shifts from detroit house to 80s disco seamlessly mixed.

Sorry, no tracklist

RJA26 : Andy Ash


Anonymous said...

Love the mix, anyone know what the first track is??

Aliooft said...

it's one of his own new tracks coming out on On The Prowl Rec. I think...