Tuesday, November 16

RJA27 : Hotel Motel

Hotel Motel are checking in for the latest Ruff Jamz to coincide with their release on Home Taping Is Killing Music.

A joint collaboration between a certain Bill Brewster and Alex Tepper, the pair met 16 years ago when Bill signed one of Alex's first productions to a New York label he was running and continued over the years to plough the sonic fields for audio potatoes. According to their press release, some of their work is already being described as "like Salvador Dali with his pants down being fellated by Deirdre Barlow" ... a very fair and vivid comparison in our book.

Sorry, no tracklist

RJA27 : Hotel Motel


djlahawk said...

What is the name of that first track? Love it!!!!

Unknown said...

According to Facebook it's:

"Dave Lager: Yippie - My Drop Out Orchestra edit starts this mix, cheers Bill - check it out folks :O)"

Unknown said...

There will be a tracklist, we're just a bit inefficient, sorry about that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

loving this!

Anonymous said...

can we not download this for ipods?

Aliooft said...

There's a download button on the page from the link at the bottom of the post...

Alternatively go to http://ruffjamz.podomatic.com/
and click on the "subscribe with itunes" button to automatically download every new episode to your itunes :)

Anonymous said...

DROPOUT ORCHESTRA - Interlude 3 (dBs Ain't No Interlude Edit) (CD-R)

HOTEL MOTEL - Eye No (Home Taping)

DJANGO NOVO - Seven Years (Ray Mang Remix) (CD-R)

NAME IN LIGHTS - Eld Lagor (Feed)

TRULZ & ROBIN - Acid Cake

HOTEL MOTEL - Feel So Young (Home Taping)
RUSHHOUR - Moogie (Shanti)

HOTEL MOTEL - Donna Nook (UTS)

TINASHE - Saved (Totally Enormous Extinct Dub)
BLACK STROBE - Me & Madonna

ISLEY BROTHERS - Live It Up (Misiu Edit) (CD-R)
MOBRODER - Rush (In Flagranti Mix) (Scion Audio Visual)

PRINCE - I Wanna Be Your Lover (Dimitri From Paris Edit)

S-low Kick said...
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S-low Kick said...

Nice set !

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